School Supplies FAQ

Will there be a school supply list from the school for at home remote learning? Just wondering if my student will need any special supplies in addition to a laptop and internet. Thank you.  


We encourage all of our students to purchase our school planner because it has a copy of our student handbook as well as the district regulations.  This is also a great place to record logins and passwords.  We are trying to determine a system district wide with how to distribute essential materials for the start of school such as textbooks, musical instruments, planners, etc.  For now, I would start with a few pencils and notebook and your laptop/computer with internet.  Teachers will share if there are any additional supplies that are needed.  We do have composition books available and math graphing notebooks available, along with school planners if you would like order those online through your account, and we will determine a way to get those supplies to you.  A PE uniform is not required at this time.



Do we need to buy any school supplies or text books for 6th grade? 


We encourage you to buy a planner.  We are currently working on a district plan for how to distribute textbooks, musical instruments that have been rented, and planners.  For the first week of school, you will need your computer and internet access.



I have NO IDEA what "materials" we will need at home this round. Is there a shopping list? Or will we gather those lists the first week with the various teachers? Every time I go to Target and see the Back to School section I'm like AHHH I think I should be buying stuff, but WHAT!?!  


I think for right now, getting some pencils or pens, and a notebook will be great to get you started.  You will need a computer and the internet.   We would love for our students to purchase a school planner so that they can have a hard copy of our procedures, and have a place to record their login and passwords as well as any assignments they need to complete.  We are working on how to distribute materials to students such as textbooks, planners, rented musical instruments, and composition books, so stay tuned for more details, we are developing a common plan for all of the middle schools.  It's really thinking about your space at home and how to stay organized.  We will be talking with the students about how to set up their space for success and they will be able to share ideas with each other as well.