Technology from the District

Laptops and Hotspots

When will be the laptop and hotspot pick ups? Do we need an appointment for it? 


If you selected during our Enrollment Verification Process that you needed a laptop or a hotspot, you should have received an email from our district technology department explaining the steps to pick up your technology.   If you selected to have a laptop or hotspot during the Enrollment Verification Process, and did not receive an email with directions, please email me to let me know and I will pass along your information to the district.



I have called several times trying to find out about how to get a hot spot for my kids.  Given we have a fully remote learning model, will laptops be arranged by district or do we have to manage ourselves?


District will soon have an alternate process in place for late tech equipment reservations. If you would like to receive information on the new process, please email They will email you information on how to sign up as soon as additional equipment is available. This is not a method to make an equipment reservation, but to receive information in the near future on how to do so.



We need ASB cards for laptop pickup.  However, the ‘pay online’ step of BTSCI was turned off.  How do we get an ASB card for incoming 6th graders? 


I would just bring your student ID and perhaps some form of identification.   They will be sending out a correction in an enews to those of you picking up laptops.  The new language will include“The checkout process, which includes logging on to the laptop, will require the student's ID. This can be found in Family Access, or on a previous year's ASB card. Please bring an ASB card if you have one, or look up the student ID if you do not."