Wednesday's Schedule FAQ

What are the attendance expectations for students on Wednesdays?  


Students are expected to attend the Advisory Period every Wednesday from 9:40-10:25.   During this time, their teacher will be delivering Social/Emotional lessons using our Second Step Curriculum as well as the Character Strong Curriculum.  



Hi! Both my daughter and I are really unclear as to what students will be doing on Wednesdays. We are hoping you can clarify? Stay strong, stay healthy and many, many thanks for all of the hard, hard work!  


Wednesday is a time in the morning when we will be having staff meetings and providing Professional Development for our staff.  Similar to when we were in the building, we will have a late start on Wednesday. All students will sign on at 9:40-12:25 and attend an Advisory period, similar to our Bulldog Bonus Time (BBT) last year.  During this advisory period, we will be delivering a social emotional lesson using Second Step Curriculum or Character Strong.  It’s a way for us to check in with our students, continue to build on our positive relationships, allow students a chance to interact with each other and focus on their overall state of mind and growth.    After the advisory period, students have the rest of the day for independent work.  Teachers may assign them work to do outside of the two hour block period, and Wednesday is a great time dedicated for independent student work time.  There is time built in the day on Wednesday where we can schedule meetings with parents and students as needed. 



Thank you for this opportunity to submit questions for consideration. What will SEL support look like for students virtually? 


We will be using the Second Step Curriculum as well as Character Strong this year.  We will be meeting online either in Teams or Zoom and the teacher will be able to share their screen, watch videos together, engage in conversation using a variety of techniques such as an open discussion or perhaps posting answers or questions into the chat.  We will continue to send out parent resources as well so that you can continue the conversations at home with your students.  Karen Harmon is our new PBSES coach and will be sending out information to our students and families as well.