Electives FAQ

Are electives going to stay the same, including ASB?

Yes, we will continue to have all of our electives, including ASB.


I signed up to play an instrument in band this year.  Will we have practice online?  If so, how do I go about renting an instrument?

Yes, we are so excited that you are a part of our music program.  Please contact Mr. Murphy and he will be able to explain how you can rent an instrument.  We are working with the district to determine the best way to distribute textbooks, supplies, and musical instruments to our students, so stay tuned for more information.


Will there be the band elective?



How is band going to work?

Mr. Murphy will be able to explain that to you in class. 

The ISD Music Program will continue to provide high quality learning opportunities for our students in online learning. We are excited to incorporate new ways to collaborate. Students will create, perform, respond and connect through Canvas, Smartmusic, and MusicFirst.

Smartmusic is a browser-based music education platform that facilitates focused practice, assessment, and immediate feedback. Students will have access to the largest music library in the industry. It has a vast selection of ensemble and solo titles. Using Smartmusic, students will engage in sight reading, composition, professional-referenced recordings and be able to share their performances.

MusicFirst provides students with a collaborative platform and online music studio where students can record and perform ensembles. These 21st Century music skills will broaden our students’ knowledge and continue to be part of our program when we are all able to be back together in person again.


Will there be proper Orchestra classes in one on one or a group class?

Mrs. Vail will be able to answer your specific questions about Orchestra.  We will be using Smartmusic and MusicFirst this year in addition to Canvas.


Will we have any virtual music concerts this year?

 Your teachers will be able to share information about what the class is going to look like this year.