Getting Started FAQ

Is there a specific location (kitchen, bedroom, etc) we need to be in to do school or does it not matter?

We want you to set up a space that works for you and your family and sets you up for success.  Wherever you feel comfortable and can stay focused and engaged.  We suggest that you have a flat surface where your computer can sit, and a space to write and complete activities.  Throughout the summer, I have participated in zoom calls from my couch, my kitchen table, my desk, and one time I even sat outside to get some fresh air.  We can also teach you how to make a virtual background to use when engaging in live classes.


When will we get to know who our new teachers are?

You will be able to log into Family Access on Friday, August 28th after 8:00 AM to view your schedule for the year.


How does the grading system work in middle school?

We have letter grades in the middle school ranging from A to F.  Each teacher will be able to share with you how they determine the grade for their course.  We work with individual students for different grading options as needed per an IEP or 504.


Is each teacher teaching differently or all the same?

All of our courses have essential learning that has been identified as the standards that we will be teaching this year in your classes.  Each teacher has their own personality and style.  We encourage collaboration and we are so excited for the school year to start.


Will the counselors always call, or will we have video chats?

You will have the ability to video chat with counselors.  We have many different ways that we can reach out to talk with you.  Please email your counselor and let them know how you would prefer to be contacted.


Do we have a dress code?

We will follow our district guidelines as far as dress code and that is outlined in our student planner.  If you have specific questions we are happy to answer them if you email Mrs. Bosshart or myself.  Please make sure to wear a shirt.


What school supplies will we need?

We would love for you to purchase a school planner.  The planner has our school handbook printed inside along with space to record all of your logins and passwords and keep track of assignments.  I also would start with a few pencils and pens and a notebook of paper and a computer.  Your teachers will share specific supplies needed for their class.


Will the teachers be teaching live in online classes?