Miscellaneous Student FAQ

Will we be able to have time to talk with our classmates/friends?

We are developing experiences for the first week of school that will allow you to connect with your classmates and friends.  We understand that it’s been a long summer and you haven’t had a chance to see many of your friends since last year!  Your teachers will probably create time to talk with your classmates within the class period as well.   Wednesday is a great time to connect with friends online during the independent work time.  We are also thinking about how to create a virtual Commons in the morning where you can say good morning before heading to class, but we aren’t quite ready for that yet.  We are open to your ideas, so please email me or any of the ASB officers throughout the year.


How will interacting with our classmates in class be in online learning. For example, working on a project or worksheet in a group. Also, how will interacting with our classmates outside of class be in online learning. For example, talking in the hallways or at lunch.

You will be able to meet in teams to collaborate and you can use your office 365 account to share documents with each other.  Your teachers will also show you how you can use the space within your Canvas class for discussion and collaboration.  We are working on what it would look like to have a possible virtual lunchroom so stay tuned for more information about that.


How will we be able to spend buddy barks?

We are working on a way to have a virtual store, or possibly have a way to pick up items that you can drive to school and pick up in a bag with your name on it outside.  We would love your ideas for what to have in our virtual store. Please email Karen Harmon, our new PBSES coach, with your ideas.  harmonk@issaquah.wednet.edu


Could we have a virtual debate club?

Right now, we are looking into how to have virtual clubs.  We don’t currently have a debate club, so you would have to go through our ASB student leaders by completing a new club packet.  Stay tuned for more information about how to do that.


Will we have snow days this year if we are still remote then?

That’s a great question!  If we are remote, then I don’t think we will be having snow days because all of the virtual learning can still occur while you are safe inside your home.

What would have to happen for us to go back to school?

We are working with our state health officials and the leaders of our state to determine when it’s safe for us to return to school.  Superintendent Thiele is monitoring the data and will let us know when the number of COVID-19 cases fall below that threshold. We want to make sure it’s safe for students and staff.