Schedule FAQ

Are the 2 hour classes 2 hours of instruction/teaching or is part of it for us to do work?

The two hours will be broken up into different learning experiences.  You will have an opportunity to possibly work in small groups, have independent time to complete a task, there might be a breakout room where you teacher will work with specific students.  There might be opportunity for whole class discussions, small group discussions, group work time, independent work time, etc.  There will be some part of the two hour block each period that will be live and interacting with your teacher.  


Will teachers be giving instruction for the full 2 hours?

Teachers will have a lesson plan for the full 2 hours including some live instruction, some whole class discussion, some group work, and individual work time.  It will vary each period or each class depending on where you are in the learning cycle.  We understand the teenage brain and the need to build in stretch breaks, and shift activities throughout the block time.  It’s hard to sit for two hours in a class, and that is not our expectation.  There will probably be entry task and exit tasks with checks for understanding throughout the period.  Your teachers will be able to explain the format of each class at the beginning of each period and what to expect for that day.  They will also be creating a recording that can be viewed at a later time, or asynchronously, if you are unable to attend the live part of class.


What is teacher-student support meetings (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, 8-8:30)?

There is time built into the schedule this year where you can ask your teacher for an appointment to meet. Similar to when we were in the school building, you were able to make an appointment before school to meet with your teacher or ask for help.  This is also the time where as a building, we might schedule an IEP or 504 meeting with administrators, counselors, teachers, students and parents.


 What is advisory/SEL (on Wed)?

Advisory/SEL is where we will teach our Social Emotional Learning Lessons.  We will be using Second Step as well as a program called Character Strong.  This is a time period every week where you will meet in advisory and we will have a chance to check in with you, and focus on building relationships, and have lessons focused on your Social Emotional Skills.  For those of you returning to BLMS, this is what our Bulldog Bonus Time (BBT) was formally known as.
 #3. The Wednesday schedule is a bit confusing, could you please explain in-depth?

Similar to our schedule last year, Wednesday morning is set aside for time when I can have staff meetings and professional development for our staff.  All students will log into Canvas to the Advisory class from 9:40-10:25. During this time we will be engaging in lessons from Second Step as well as Character Strong to talk about the Social Emotional Learning, relationship building, and connecting with peers.  From 10:30-12:00 that is time where we might schedule individual student meetings, we might be able to offer some focused support, we might have IEP/504/Guidance team meetings with families and school teams, or you might be able to arrange a time to get additional support for your teachers.  From 12:40-2:10, students will have independent work time.  You could potentially meet classmates online within your class Team to work on group projects, have a study session with your friends, or complete work assigned to you from all of your classes.  Teachers during that time will be preparing lessons and collaborating with their teams, or might be working on uploading videos or updated their gradebooks.


How will PE work? 

Your PE teacher will share information with you in class about their expectations and how PE will be taught in the virtual world.  Staying active and healthy is so important and we want to give you tips and strategies for building habits and making healthy choices.


How will Independent PE/Health work?

Mr. Ireland and/or Mrs. Clemans will be sending out more information to those students enrolled in Independent PE/Health.  They will be sharing when those classes will be meeting online and what the expectations are for that class.


When the school is remote - why can’t we begin classes a little late to allow kids more time to sleep in?

The schedule was created based on input from work groups consisting of parents, district personnel, teachers and community members. The proposed schedules have been approved by the district and the teacher union (IEA).  I don’t have the authority to change the schedule for Beaver Lake.  Our first period starts at 8:30 which is a little later than when we were in the building.