Technology FAQ

Are cameras required to be on during meetings?

You will be able to work with your teachers and learn about their expectations.  I would think that there are times when your camera will be on and times where it will be off.  I have also been a part of a class where our cameras were off but we answered questions in the chat.  There will be different strategies our teachers will be using to engage all of our students.  It’s always nice to see your smiling faces and make connections while online, but we also recognize that some students aren’t comfortable having their camera on at all times, so we will work together this year to meet everyone’s needs.


What platform will we be using for video calling? (Zoom, microsoft teams etc.) And what kind of platform?

Each teacher can choose which platform they would like to use for the live portion of their class time.  You might experience both Zoom or Teams.  Your teachers will be explaining to you in class what they will be using and we are going to spend time making sure you know how to access those different platforms.


Will we need to have a webcam?

I have not heard that the district has an option to check out a webcam at this time.  Only laptops and hotspots.  I think you might want a way to have your video and voice heard during the live instruction.  Let me check on this and I will update the response once I know a little more.


Will students be required to create a Zoom account?

I believe you will be able to join a zoom meeting by following the link provided by your teacher.


Will we be using Microsoft teams for learning?

This depends on your teacher.  They will either be using Teams or Zoom and will let you know when they see you in class.


How can I get tech support if I have a problem at home? I’m having troubles with class link login username and password.

A student/family tech support hotline has been set up. The hotline will be staffed from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. The phone number is: 425-837-6371. IT staff members will be able to help with school computer login problems and MS365 login issues.  

Account information for other programs can be found on the district website.


How do I log on to Canvas?

Go to: 

Username: Same as the student network/computer username. Typically, this is the first four letters of the last name, first three letters of the first name and last two numbers of the graduation year. For example, John Smith who graduates in 2022 would have the username SmitJoh22.

Passwords: The 7-digit student ID number followed by ISD (in capital letters). Example: 1234567ISD

Students may login to Canvas anytime between now and the start of school to verify their account. However, classes will not appear on the student Dashboard until the first day of school.

Canvas dashboard


The district has created a student and parent support page with tutorials, videos and login information. It can be found here: Resources will be added to this site in the coming weeks. Students may also visit Canvas for Students 101.