Bring Your Own Device

Personal Digital Device Policy for Beaver Lake Middle School

Personal digital devices include—but are not limited to—cellphones, digital audio players, cameras, and eReaders. Students who bring devices to school do so at their own risk. BLMS does not take responsibility for lost or stolen items.

  1. When using a personal digital device for any reason, students agree to abide by the ISD Acceptable Use Policy.
  2. eReaders are allowed for use in the classroom in place of a physical novel. Students may bring eReaders for this purpose without prior approval. eReaders with browsing capabilities fall under the personal digital device policies listed below and should not be used for anything beyond reading for class.
  3. All personal digital devices must be turned off during the school day. Devices are not to be used in any classroom (exception below), school hallway, bathroom or locker room.
  4. With advance notice from a teacher students may bring personal digital devices to a class for a specific instructional purpose. Students without devices will be allowed to use classroom equipment for the lesson.
  5. No filming at any time (video, audio, or photos) may be taken of any individual on any device without their permission during the school day or at a school activity, per ISD policy in the Student Handbook.

If these items are out during the school day without the permission of the teacher, the item will be confiscated by staff, given to an administrator, and the item can be retrieved by the student after school. In addition, a 101 will be issued by an administrator. Repeated infractions will result in additional 101’s, the device will be returned to a parent or guardian, and possible further disciplinary action.

Additional consequences are possible when the use of a personal digital device violates specific ISD or BLMS policies in the areas of academic integrity, harassment, safety, etc.