In-Person Hybrid Information

Principal Cho Answers Your Questions

Please view Principal Cho's video to get answers to the questions that our community members have had regarding the return to in-person hybrid learning.

Middle School Return to In-Person Hybrid Instruction


Hello Beaver Lake Bulldogs and Families,


Please note the District is still actively bargaining with our IEA partners. Once an agreement is reached, ISD and IEA will release a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) detailing specifics of our hybrid learning model. Items in this document may be subject to change and yet we want our families to see our draft plans now for their own planning.


Our instructional model for middle school will be concurrent livestreaming. That means the teacher will teach in-person in the classroom. Part of the class will join the teacher in-person, while those not assigned to attend that day OR those who chose to continue remote learning will join at the same time by Zoom.


Whether or not your student will be returning to in-person learning, please review the following message carefully. It includes important information for those families whose students will begin attending in person. It also includes some information that will be relevant to those families whose students will continue learning remotely.


In the coming days, middle school families should expect the following:

  • April 1: Parents can access bus routes on E-Link.
  • April 1: Parents receive an enews with access to the school’s Return to In-Person Hybrid Handbook and it will be posted on our website
  • April 1:  Schools will notify parents through a Skyward email of the in-person and concurrent livestreaming school day assignments for their student(s).
  • April 1: Schools will provide families with the daily bell schedule for In-Person Hybrid instruction with concurrent livestreaming.
  • April 2: Last full synchronous remote student day with current classroom configuration.
  • April 5—9: Spring Break
  • No later than April 12: Parents notify the school office of their student’s mask wearing accommodation needs.
  • April 12-14: Asynchronous remote learning for all middle students via Canvas to allow teachers to prepare for start of in-person hybrid learning (concurrent livestreaming). All parents should confirm that their students attended asynchronously for April 12-14 using the District’s attendance reporting form on our website.
  • April 14: During our SEL/Advisory Time, videos will be available for students to watch during the SEL/Advisory Time demonstrating our back to school procedures for in person learning, along with a virtual tour.
  • April 14: Open House for current 6th graders and new 7th and 8th grade students for an in-person opportunity to tour the school on a self-guided tour.  More information will be coming.
  • April 1 & 2 and 12 & 13:  Test Attestation emails sent to address of parent 1 of family 1 listed in Skyward based on the student in-person assignment days.
  • April 15: First day of in-person hybrid and concurrent livestreaming for middle school students.


Middle School Return to In-Person Hybrid Handbook


Here is a copy of Beaver Lake’s Return to In-Person Hybrid Handbook. This handbook contains specific guidelines and COVID mitigation protocols for Beaver Lake. The handbook contains valuable information to help prepare your student for in-person hybrid learning. Parents are encouraged to review the handbook with their student prior to their student’s first day back on campus.


We have also posted the Return to In-Person Hybrid Handbook as a Word document that you can download and then use the Translation features available.


COVID Safety Protocols

All students will be required to wear a face covering in order to attend school.

  • If you believe your student needs an accommodation (through 504 or IEP process) because they are unable to wear a face covering please contact Marilee Bosshart,  by Monday, April 12.
  • Students will not be allowed in classrooms if they refuse to wear a face covering.




Prior to their arrival on campus for in-person instruction, every student with the assistance of their parent(s) is required to have completed the attestation health screening process.  Students will not be allowed to attend school without a completed attestation.  

  • Each day at 4:30 a.m., the District will send an email to the address of parent 1 of family 1 in Skyward.  This is the only address that will receive the attestation email.  Notify your school registrar if you want to confirm or make changes to the parent/email address of parent 1 listed in Skyward.
  • The email will instruct you to fill out a daily symptom check for your student and will include a link.
  • The link will take you to a page asking several questions. It will ask whether you plan for your student to attend school in-person that day, whether they are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, and whether they have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19.
  • After you have completed the questions, the system will tell you whether your student is certified to come to school that day.
  • The initial email will give you the option to enter your cell phone number if you would like to receive the link to complete the health attestation by text message each day. If you choose this option, you will receive a text message at about 6:30 a.m. daily. Each daily email will include the option to opt in to receiving text messages.
  • The district will send test attestation emails on Thursday, April 1 and Friday, April 2 to families assigned to in-person instruction for those days of the week.  Then, after spring break, they will send test attestation emails on Monday, April 12 and Tuesday, April 13, to families assigned to in-person instruction on those days of the week.  These test attestations will give parents an opportunity to confirm receipt, become familiar with the process and contact the school office with any questions prior to the student’s first day of in-person instruction.
  • Contact the school office if hard copy attestation forms are your preferred option or download here.

While it is our hope that every middle school student attend in-person instruction on their assigned days, we are mindful that remaining fully remote may be the preferred option for some of our families.  It is important for these families to know their student’s “chair” in each of their classes is waiting their return when the time is right.


No visitors and/or volunteers will be allowed on campus. Please contact the office to schedule appointments as needed.



As we prepare to welcome your student(s) back, here are some resources related to our planning and decision making that may be helpful:

  • To find your student’s bus stop please visit E-link.
  • To learn more about the safety precautions our district has taken to prepare ISD schools, please review our COVID-19 Safety Precautions.
  • To learn more about what to expect when returning to in-person hybrid learning please review our COVID-19 middle school FAQ.
  • For updated guidance for K-12 schools regarding re-opening decisions during the pandemic, from Washington Department of Health (DOH) review their framework and/or the Public Health of Seattle & King County Schools COVID-19 Response Toolkit.
  • See information on Governor Inslee’s emergency proclamation directing all public K-12 schools to provide in-person learning.


We appreciate your partnership in reviewing expectations, helping to enforce all COVID-19 safety requirements, and keeping ill or symptomatic students home.  We look forward to welcoming your students back into the classroom!


Stacy Cho

Principal- Beaver Lake Middle School