Parking & Traffic Safety

After School Transportation

After-School Transportation Issues & Activities

Please take a moment to remind your student of his or her transportation arrangements and activities in advance of their arrival to school. Should you find that your student’s after school transportation arrangements or activities have changed during the day, you may call the office to inform us of the change and a message will be sent to your student during the last class period. As a reminder, notes will not be delivered.

Activity Bus Schedule

School Bus Information

Please see the School Bus Information Booklet prepared by the Issaquah School District Transportation Department which provides useful information to parents and students. It includes information about student conduct, school bus rules, emergency evacuation procedures, bus passes, parent-driver communication and other important information. We enjoy working with the District’s children, and we look forward to making their daily bus ride a safe and pleasant experience. You can reach the Transportation Department by calling 425-837-6330.

BLMS Bus Parking Locations