ASB Digital Elections Results

The ASB Digital Elections were held from May 29-31.  The Election Committee was impressed with the number of students who were interested in being an ASB Officer, especially during the school closure. We are proud of all of you who participated and look forward to other student involvement in the future.  Thank you to all participants in the Beaver Lake ASB elections!!!

Congratulations to the following 2020-2021 ASB officers!

Executive Board

  • President: Ava M.
  • Vice President: Paige M.
  • Secretary: Sharvi G.
  • Treasurer: unfilled*
  • Spirit Committee Chair: Lyla M.
  • Public Relations Committee Chair: Jordan M.
  • Community Service Chair: unfilled*

Appointed Officers

  • Ebrahim A.
  • Avery C.
  • Winter C.
  • Sadie D.
  • Elizabeth E.
  • Lincoln G.
  • Elsa H.
  • Nikki J.
  • Maya K.
  • Violet L.
  • Dhrithi M.
  • Makenna M.
  • Shea S.
  • Annika V.

* A special election may take place in the fall for any unfilled positions.