Green Team

Green Team

2020-21 school year update:


Green Team is on hold. We will provide an update in January on whether or not it will run this year. Thank you!


Green Team

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  • Began Participating in the Green Schools Program: June 2009
  • Level One of the Green Schools Program: Achieved in April 2010
  • Level Two of the Green Schools Program:  Achieved in June 2015
  • Level Three of the Green Schools Program: Achieved in June 2017 
  • Sustaining Green School Program: Achieved in May 2018

Waste Reduction and Recycling

  • Beaver Lake Middle School maintains a strong recycling program in classrooms and the lunchroom. With support from the City of Issaquah, food scrap recycling was initiated in the lunchroom. Along with food scraps, approximately 45 pizza boxes are collected daily for composting.
  • Each day Beaver Lake students fill six 20-gallon containers with food scraps and other compostable materials, totaling 28,000 gallons or 139 cubic yards annually. In the lunchroom, 32,000 gallons of recyclable materials or 158 cubic yards annually was collected. Including food scraps, materials recycled from the lunchroom totaled approximately 297 cubic yards annually.
  • Green Team members created a Share Cart at lunchtime. The Share Cart is a place for students to put whole piece of fruit and/or unopened packaged products that they don't want to consume. Students are welcome to take food items if they are still hungry or would like a snack later. 
  • The Beaver Lake Green Team observes recycling and composting behaviors and then creates intercom announcements to address common problems and to promote recycling.
  • The Green Team also collaborates with school staff to deliver promotional and educational messages about waste reduction and recycling.
  • Green Team members collect energy usage information to share with staff and students. Energy Audits show which rooms are practicing energy conservation at the right time.
  • "Waste Free Lunch Wednesdays" district participant. The Green Team uses a small luggage scale to weigh all bags of garbage, recycling and composting that are filled in  he cafeteria for all lunches. 


Beaver Lake met its 2014-15 goal to achieve Green Schools Level 2 status on June 3, 2015!

BLMS joins schools from 33 cities and 15 school districts across King County to engage students and employees in conservation practices that cut waste, increase recycling and conserve water and energy with the Green Schools Program.

Upcoming Events

Waste Free Wednesday Challenge

All Schools in the Issaquah School District are committing to cutting cafeteria waste through waste reduction, composting and recycling.