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See the ISD Athletic Website for information about sports fees and to access all athletic registration forms.

Track Season

Track practice starts on Monday, April 26. Practices will be on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 2:40 - 4:00 PM. Practice on Fridays will be from 2:40 - 3:40 PM.  Activity bus is available with limited stops. Students who are in the cohort group that is learning from home that day must bring a hard copy attestationin order to participate. Students must be cleared in FinalForms, have a valid physical on file, and have paid their Track fee - a confirmation email is sent once you are cleared to participate.


We are excited to offer a Track season starting on Monday, April 26 and “running” through June 4.  Registration for Track is open in FinalForms and will close on April 19.  For this sport season, the district has authorized waiving the ASB fee and reducing the sport participation fee to $40. 

To pay online, please log in and select:

Items at Student’s School --> Athletics --> TRACK

We will be following CDC and state safety guidelines regarding social distancing and mask wearing.  Future Enews will detail practice days, times, drills, competitions, etc. which will be determined when we know the number students that complete the registration process by April 19.

In order to participate, all forms including the student’s physical must be current and uploaded in FinalForms by the April 19 deadline. 

Current physicals are dated on or after: June 1, 2020 for 6th graders and June 17, 2019 for 7th and 8th graders.

Click here to download the physical form to be completed by your doctor. Paper copies are available in the Office. Please call (425) 837-4168 upon arrival. Please contact Sue Wickstrand,, if you have any questions.


FinalForms is our online sports registration provider.  On March 5th every family should have received an account confirmation email from FinalForms.  (Note: Middle school parents who also have a high school student received the email back in May of 2020.)

Below is a link to the Enews which provided directions for that email.

Families interested in registering their student for the Track season and did not confirm their FinalForms account will need to find that initial FinalForms email, follow the steps detailed, and complete the online paperwork process.  Check your deleted or junk folder.  Please contact Sue Wickstrand,, if you have any questions or concerns.


With the start of Track season on April 26, the last day for Fitness & Friends will be April 19 for our Monday group and April 21 for our Wednesday group. (Reminder, there will be no Fitness & Friends during Spring Break April 5-9.) We hope all Fitness and Friends participants will choose to join the Track program. 


Middle School Sports Update - March 4, 2021

Fitness & Friends Program

In anticipation of turning our clocks ahead on March 13th and having longer daylight, we are excited to plan for an opportunity for our middle school students to return back on campus to improve their overall fitness and well-being through an outdoor, COVID-minded, safe “Fitness & Friends” sport program. This program will use cross country drills and circuit stations with a focus on physical activity and wellness.

Our target start date is Monday, March 15th. Practice/Session times will be approximately 1 hour in length and will be somewhere between the hours of 4:00-6:00 PM.  The program will not have a fee, however; all the normal registration procedures including having a current physical will be required. 

A current physical is one dated after June 1, 2020 for 6th graders and June 17, 2019 or later for 7th & 8th graders. Physicals are valid for 24 months.

The physical form can be downloaded from the District's website. New this year - You will be able to upload your valid physical to FinalForms - you no longer have to turn in an original physical to the office. Valid physicals that are on file in the office will be scanned in on your behalf.

We are investigating the option of providing transportation, but at this time it will not be offered.  Guidelines detailed by the CDC, State, and Local health authorities will be strictly followed including mask wearing, hand sanitizing, social distancing, temperature taking, attestation completion, etc.  

It is important to note that the start date, practice times, and program capacity are contingent upon the hiring of coaches, their availability, and their completion of required COVID training.  We will be providing updates regarding the Fitness & Friends program and FinalForms online registration process in future E-news editions.  Please contact our main office if you have any questions.  Let’s get moving, Bulldogs!

FinalForms Email to ALL BLMS Families - On or Around March 5, 2021


Issaquah School District partnered with FinalForms as our online sports registration provider effective the start of the 2020-21 school year.  FinalForms is an online forms and data management service. Our district high schools have been using FinalForms.  We have found the program meets the needs of the district and most importantly is a “user friendly” online tool for our parent community.

FinalFormswill be sending an Account Confirmation email to every* enrolled 6, 7 and 8th grade student’s parent/guardian on or around March 5th.  *Middle school parents who also have high school students received their family account confirmation email back in May of 2020.  These families will see the addition of their middle school student on their existing account. 

All families are encouraged to follow the steps to login, access their student(s) and create your account.  FinalForms will be used for sports registration processing, however there may be a time when we expand its use to include clubs and activities.  Parents should save the FinalForms email for future reference and bookmark the link to the FinalForms website.  You may disregard the email from FinalForms if your student will not be participating in school sponsored sports or activities at any time in middle or high school.

FinalForms allows you to complete, sign, and submit all the required athletic participation forms online. The most exciting news is that FinalForms saves data from season-to-season and year-to-year, meaning that you will never need to enter the same information twice! FinalForms also pre-populates information wherever possible, for each of your students, saving you time.  You may review your data at any time to verify it is current. You will be required to sign your forms once per year and after any update.

Bulldog Athletics

(Prior to the school closure in March 2020)

Fall Sports (Season 1)

Sports: Girls Varsity and JV Volleyball (tryout required), Co-ed Varsity and JV Softball (tryout required), Co-ed Cross Country (non-cut), Girls Intramural Volleyball (non-cut)


Winter 1 Sports (Season 2)

Sports: Girls Varsity and JV Basketball (tryout required), Co-ed Wrestling (non-cut), Girls Intramural Basketball (non-cut)


Winter 2 Sports (Season 3)

Sports: Girls Varsity and JV Soccer (tryout required), Boys Varsity and JV Basketball (tryout required), Girls Intramural Soccer (non-cut), Boys Intramural Basketball (non-cut)


Spring Sports (Season 4)

Sports: Co-ed Track & Field (non-cut)

Sports Physicals

Summer is the perfect time to get a physical before the start of the new school year. Please download a physical form and have your medical professional sign it. During the registration process, you will be asked to upload a scan of the physical. Incoming 6th grade athletes must have a physical dated on or after June 1st of this school year. Physicals are valid for 24 months.

Sports Options

Students in grades 6-8 can try out to participate in Varsity and Junior Varsity teams such as Girls Volleyball, Co-ed Softball, Girls and Boys Basketball, and Girls Soccer. All students may also participate in non-cut sports such as Co-ed Cross Country, Girls Intramural Volleyball, Co-ed Wrestling, Girls and Boys Intramural Basketball, Girls Intramural Soccer, and Co-ed Track.


Similar to ISD high schools, registration for middle school sports will be completed online. The ISD Middle School Sports webpage contains a link to the FinalForms Registration Portal to register for the current season of sports (located at the very bottom of the webpage). FinalForms uses your Family Access login for Skyward. If you don't know your username or password, go to Family Access and click on "Forgot your Login/Password." You will receive an email with a link to reset your password from Family Access.  PLEASE NOTE: If you reset your password in Skyward, your new password will not work in FinalForms until the next day.   

    The office can only accept registration for the current sports season.

    Sports Fees

    All athletes are required to purchase a $35 ASB membership. Sport-specific fees for Cross Country, Softball, Volleyball, Wrestling, Basketball, Soccer, and Track are $50.00.  The fee for Intramural sports is $20.00.  All steps in the registration process must be completed the Friday before the start of the season to guarantee participation clearance for the first day of practice/tryouts. Intramural sports will begin after the start of the season.

    Payment for sports fees may be paid after notification of making a Varsity or JV team. Non-cut sports require paid sports fees to start practice.


    All practices start immediately after school ends. Hustle to meet with your coaches! Practices end at 4:00 PM on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and at 5:00 PM on Wednesday. No practice on Fridays. Activity bus comes at 4:20 PM Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday and at 5:07 PM on Wednesday. Intramural sports typically have less practices during the week - check with your coach.


    BLMS sports teams compete with other middle school teams within the Issaquah School District. Game schedules are posted for each sport. We compete against Issaquah, Maywood, Pacific Cascade, and Pine Lake. Games are held at home or away. Teams are transported by bus to away games.


    In order for students to participate in any athletic program, they must:

    1. Maintain passing grades and earn credit in all classes (enroll in at least 4 classes)
    2. Maintain a 2.0 trimester and cumulative GPA and have NO failing grades
    3. Clear all fines
    4. Purchase an ASB membership for $35.00
    5. Pay the district participation fee of $50.00 per sport season (with a maximum of $150.00 per student across the year) or $20.00 per intramural sport
    6. Have a current physical examination completed prior to participation in a sport which must be dated after June 1, each school year. Physicals are valid for 12 months from the date of the exam, and must also indicate a doctor’s approval for “full participation.” A new physical exam will be required each year of participation.
    7. Have completed the online athletic registration process.

    Note:  In order to participate in any after school activity, theater, sports, concerts, etc., a student must attend a full day of school. (Exceptions:  Medical/dental appointments, certain emergency absences when approved by either the Principal or Assistant Principal.)  All fines must be paid.

    • ALL students are encouraged to become actively involved in one or more of the sports that are offered. 
    • Athletes are required to have a minimum of 8 practices prior to participating in their first athletic competition.

    Note: If you currently live in the Beaver Lake Middle School attendance area and are enrolled in a private or home school program, please contact our Registrar, Diana Henneuse (425-837-4160) for information on how to enroll in a sports program.

    Academic Probation

    • In order to maintain athletic eligibility during the current trimester, a student shall maintain passing grades in all classes.  Grades will be checked 10 days into the beginning of the sport season.
    • If a student-athlete receives any failing grades, regardless of the grade point average, that student-athlete is placed on academic probation for 10 calendar days.  The student-athlete is allowed to continue to attend and participate in practices only.  He/she may not participate in athletic contests during this time.  Grades will be checked again at the end of the 10-day probation period.
    • Academic checks and discipline reviews will be conducted by the Head Coach, and the student-athlete eligibility will be determined by these checks.  If academic and/or behavior expectations continue to be a concern, the student will not be able to participate. 

    The above also applies to participation in BLMS clubs, Theater Productions, and the role of Team Manager(s).


    If you have any questions regarding the above information, please contact Sue Wickstrand in the office.