Class Placement Process

Class Placement Process

Parent input, for the purpose of providing information about your child that may be pertinent when teachers are making class assignments, will be accepted in letter form each spring. We cannot accept specific teacher requests. However, we do welcome you to share relevant information about your child to ensure successful placement.

The Briarwood staff met as a team and developed the current class assignments based on the following criteria:

  • Input from parents
  • Input from your child’s last teacher
  • A balanced ratio of boys and girls
  • Achievement levels
  • Behavior factors when applicable
  • Compatibility of students with others, i.e. separating students who have not worked well together
  • Independent work habits
  • Leadership skills
  • Social needs
  • Recommendations from Guidance Teams, psychologist, or counselor when applicable.

In order to give the children, the teachers, and the parents ample opportunities to adjust to the current placement, the process may be initiated no sooner than October 1st. For a class placement to be considered the following steps should be taken:

  1. Parents and teachers meet to problem solve (see “Problem-Solving and Civility”).
  2. If concerns continue, the Student Placement Review form may be picked up from the main office and should be returned to the associate principal.
  3. The request for change in assignments will be evaluated by the building’s Guidance Team. Grade level teams may also be involved. Parents will be involved in the Guidance Team process.

Problem Solving and Civility

Issaquah School District has adopted Civility Regulations 4011 (community members) and 5282 (Staff) that serves as a guide for continuing our work in maintaining a culture of kindness and respect for all. As adults, we can help create this culture by modeling respectful and effective communication strategies and problem solving to our children. In addition, the Regulations helps us to accomplish our goal of open communication between home and school. If an issue arises that you would like to address with a member of our  earning community, the following steps will help ensure a positive interaction.

  1. Work out issues promptly.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the person directly involved.
  3. Choose an appropriate time and place for the meeting.
  4. Present ideas in a respectful manner and remain open to the other person’s point of view.
  5. If the issue is not resolved, seek assistance from the principal.