ISD L.I.V.E. Remote Learning: Inclement Weather and Power Outage Guidance

What should we do if there is inclement weather (snow, ice, etc.)?

Inclement Weather Guidance

Students who are currently learning through ISD L.I.V.E Remote Learning will not have their daily learning schedules changed or canceled due to snow or other inclement weather this winter. The goal is for remote instruction to continue as close to previously planned as feasible. However, power outages and internet disruptions sometimes accompany inclement weather and families should follow the below guidance when this occurs.

If your student is currently attending in-person, you will receive additional communication about weather-related building closures or delays, including inclement weather bus routes and where to find information on closures or delays. Learning will most likely transition to fully remote for the day, with asynchronous instruction occurring during the scheduled in-person portion of the school day and regularly scheduled synchronous remote instruction being delivered for the other part of the school day.

What should we do if the power or internet goes out?

Power and Internet Outage Guidance

Power outages in the Pacific Northwest are common during fall and winter months, and internet outages occur from time to time, even when power is maintained. When the power or internet connection goes out for the teacher, learning should continue asynchronously until power and/or an internet connection is restored. When the power or internet connection goes out for the student, learning should resume once power/internet connection is reestablished. Teachers will determine attendance based on evidence that students have participated in asynchronous activities.

In order to ensure students have access to online asynchronous learning activities in the event a teacher’s power is out or internet connection is lost, teachers should ensure their course materials include information about how students can access online asynchronous lessons and/or their emergency sub plans.

Scenario Teacher Expectations  Parent/Student Expectations 
Teacher Power and/or Internet Outage

1. Contact school to report power is out.

2. Send a message to students to engage in asynchronous learning activities and/or emergency sub plans.

3. Ask school or administrator to send a message if not able to do so.

NOTE: If power or the internet goes out during class, contact the school. If your power or internet company provides you with an estimate for when power or internet is expected to be back, alert the school with that information. Otherwise, check in with the school / administrator prior to the next scheduled live instruction.

1. Log into class as usual.

2. Check district email for messages from your teacher or another staff member from the school.

3. Continue work on previously assigned learning activities. 

4. Participate in asynchronous learning activities that are posted in students’ learning management system.

NOTE: If a teacher’s power or internet goes out during class, log off of Zoom or Teams. Work on known learning activities or assignments, or on other asynchronous learning activities. Attempt to log back into the Zoom or Teams session after 15 minutes, and then try again every 15 minutes after.

Student Power and/or Internet Outage 1. Teach class(es) (unless all students in class are unavailable).

1. Continue work on previously assigned and/or asynchronous learning activities that do not require power or internet, as possible.

2. Complete asynchronous learning activities once internet/power is restored.