Search Filter Issue on Some District Student Devices

Dear Parents and Guardians,

We hope this message finds you well as we transition into our quickly approaching winter break. 

At this time, we want to share that a member of our ISD community has brought it to our attention that their child was able to access harmful content on their District-issued computer. The filters in place were not blocking simple searches, specifically on social media and photo storage platforms. 

Be advised that as a District we follow the Children's Internet Protection Act and that the District is investigating the loop that exists on some but not all devices. While parents and guardians being mindful of what their students are accessing online is always a priority, please be extra vigilant of the possible risks until ISD can resolve this safety filter issue entirely. Consider also reviewing with your students the responsible use agreements signed when the District devices were issued.

We thank a member of the ISD community for reporting this in a timely manner. Please continue to bring such concerns to your child's teacher or school administrator us so we can share them with the community as a whole.

Thank you.