Intro to your Principal:

My name is Tera Coyle and I have been in the Issaquah School District (ISD) for 16 years. Of those 16 years I have been a 5th grade teacher and Dean of Students at Challenger Elementary and a principal at Discovery and Creekside for the past 13 years! Prior to Issaquah, I taught in Wisconsin, Oregon and in other districts in Washington. I have taught everything from 2nd grade through 8th grade (math). I have two amazing adult children: Forest (27) and Morgan (26). I live in the ISD community and feel very invested in our district personally and professionally. I love my job and look forward to meeting you all very soon!

Intro to our Elementary 16 ISD Core Team:


Current School:

Current Teaching Position:

Allison King


Instructional Coach

Mrs. King’s favorite thing about her job is... Helping teachers feel safe to take risks and grow to support their kiddos!

Julianna McDowell



Mrs. McDowell’s favorite thing about her job is... Connecting with students during stories. I love, love, LOVE to hear them make connections between characters and their own lives.

Neal Pollock


5th Grade

Mr. Pollock’s favorite thing about his job is... Each year is a fresh start with new individuals with unique needs. The job is ever evolving. And it's always, always, always about the kids!

Laura Saiki


5th Grade

Ms. Saiki’s favorite thing about her job is... My favorite part of my job is supporting student growth throughout the school year! It's so rewarding to see students notice their hard work helped them achieve their goals!

Molly Shade


1st Grade

Ms. Shade’s favorite thing about her job is..Witnessing substantial growth of human beings firsthand. Not many people can say that they watch children learn how to read, lose their first tooth, build their first friendships, write their first full story, etc. SOOO MUCH GROWTH AT THIS AGE and it's so special to be part of it!

Katie Wright

Grand Ridge

4th Grade

Mrs. Wright’s favorite thing about her job is... I love figuring out what gets students excited to learn both inside and outside of school.

Tera Coyle



My favorite thing about my job is... Getting to know the kids and seeing them excited about learning something new or improving a skill they've been working hard to improve.

Molly BanksonElementary Teacher - First Grade

Laura BillerDean of Students

Kathleen BlandingElementary Teacher - Second Grade

Melissa BrambleElementary Teacher - Kindergarten

Deanna BuderElementary Teacher - ELL

Natallie BuxtonParaprofessional - LRCI

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6548 phone

Kristin CakarnisElementary Teacher - First Grade

Deanna CampParaprofessional - LRCII

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6548 phone

Pamela CovelloParaprofessional - LRCII

Cedar Trails Elementary phone

Tera CoylePrincipal

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6502 phone

Kalyn CrickmoreBASC - Assistant Coordinator

Cedar Trails Elementary phone

Lisa CrispFood Services - Baker

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6552 phone

Dolores D'AloOffice Professional - Attendance/Registrar

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6509 phone

Jenny EmskyElementary Teacher - Second Grade

Tamara FoosElementary Teacher - Second Grade

Sarah FulghumElementary Teacher - First Grade

Lori GeorgeElementary Teacher - Special Education LRC I

Holly HasselbalchFood Services - Assistant

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6552 phone

Dave HolbrookCustodian - Lead

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6532 phone

Allison KingInstructional Coach

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6531 phone

Rebecca KneepkensSpeech Language Pathologist

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6517 phone

Kenneth KolbeElementary School Teacher - Physical Education

Cassie KuverSchool Nurse

Cedar Trails Elementary phone

Erin MathiasOccupational Therapist

Cougar Ridge Elementary (425) 837-6411 phone
Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6544 phone

Cameron McCullochElementary Teacher - SAGE

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6538 phone
Cascade Ridge Elementary (425) 837-5597 phone

Robyn McNeleyElementary Teacher - Kindergarten

Leslie MinikenAssistant to the Principal – Elementary

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6502 phone

Wenli MithalFamily Partnership Liaison

Administration Building (425) 837-7106 phone
Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6556 phone
Cascade Ridge Elementary (425) 837-5507 phone
Creekside Elementary (425) 837-5266 phone

Beth MohrElementray Teacher - Music

Jessica NangaliaParaprofessional

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6548 phone

Kaitlin ParksElementary Teacher - Special Education LRC II

Neal PollockElementary Teacher - Fifth Grade

Bradley ReevesCustodian

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6532 phone

Jeffrey ReevesCustodian

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6532 phone

Brooke ReinkeElementary Teacher - Third Grade

Vita RomanoSchool Psychologist

Creekside Elementary (425) 837-5263 phone
Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6545 phone

Chelsea RossElementary Teacher - Third Grade

Laura SaikiElementary Teacher - Fifth Grade

Amy SeniorParaprofessional

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6548 phone

Emily SerblinElementary Teacher - Second Grade

Molly ShadeElementary Teacher - Third Grade

Sian SheafferElementary Teacher - Fourth Grade

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6536 phone

Melissa SkoneElementary Teacher - Kindergarten

Stevin SmithTechnology Specialist

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6518 phone

Ann StoutHealth Room Specialist

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6551 phone

Jessica SuarezElementary Teacher - Fifth Grade

Jennifer SwitzerParaprofessional

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6548 phone

Stefani TerryPBSES Coach

Charles WinterElementary School Teacher - Fourth Grade

Eve WinterAcademic Interventionist

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6534 phone
Grand Ridge Elementary (425) 837-7947 phone

Janelle WoffindenCounselor

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6562 phone

Meghan WomackBASC Site Coordinator - Wolf Club

Cedar Trails Elementary (425) 837-6547 phone

Katlin WrightElementary Teacher - Fourth Grade

Reyna YamamotoElementary Teacher - First Grade