Academic Counseling

Helpful Resources

Parent Fact Sheet from Eureka

Link to Parent Tip Sheets (Gr K-5) - You will need to set up a user name/pw

Link to Parent Module Tip Sheets (Gr K-5) - You will need to set up a user name/pw


Youcubed - Mathematical Mindset work from Stanford University

Duane Habecker's YouTube Channel - (Video Tutorials specific to each lesson Gr 1-5)

Duane Habecker's Website Embarc.Online

Milestones in Mathematics

Nona Wright's Connect Site - Nona is our instructional coach

Eureka Math Resources

Eurela Math

Eureka Math Parent Training Video (45 min)

Preview image for Sunset Parent Introduction To Eureka Math 45:32

Accessing Online Materials

Helpful parent online resources document explaining how to:

  1. Access parent tip sheets (from
  2. Watch homework videos (from
  3. Access lessons and games (from

How to Learn Math: 4 Key Messages

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Boosting Math Posted November 2, 2015

Eureka Overview

"A New Curriculum for a New Day" - Promotional video from

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A new curriculum for a new day Developed specifically to meet the new standards, Eureka Math offers a compre... Posted January 15, 2015