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A message from Principal Otley

For days, I have been searching for the words to acknowledge the profound pain, sadness, and anger our community is experiencing in response to the racism and injustice in our country.  Racism and injustice are not new experiences for our black community, and the reignited trauma each time these incidents happen cannot be reconciled by words alone.  

Clark is a place where our black students matter. Clark is a place that is inclusive of all.

We are committed to:

  • listen, learn and be vulnerable as this an opportunity to act.
  • being an anti-racist ally, and advocate for our students, families and staff.
  • making sure EVERY student feels welcome, respected and loved, especially our students of color. 
  • partner with you and learn from you.
  • continue to reflect and educate ourselves around racism, equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • YOUR child and family. 

Earlier this week you have received many resources to support conversations with your child regarding race, racism and justice.  Please take a moment to look through those and share other resources with us that you have discovered. 

In September, I had the chance to read in every classroom the book “Where Oliver Fits.” A story where Oliver continues to try to fit in, change who he is, creating parallels to humans who feel like they can’t be who they are in order to fit in.  The book concludes with Oliver realizing he has to be himself and proud of who he is – the final page is a reminder that we are all in this together to create an inclusive system where all belong for who they are. 

As part of our year end wrap up, I read a story in every class.  Typically after I finish the story, we have a great discussion.   Since we are remote, I would love for you to watch the video of me reading The Color of Us.


Please take a moment and watch it with your child and discuss these questions below:

  • Why does Lena’s mother take her to so many places to see the people in the story?
  • Why does Lena say to her mother “Look Mom, the colors of us?
  • If you walked around your neighborhood, like Lena in the book, what different skin tones do you think you’d notice?   


Mrs. Otley

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