Title 1

Title 1, Part A

The Issaquah School District's Title I, Part A program mission is to provide intensive intervention for students not meeting standard in literacy and, in some schools, math. The goal of the program is to accelerate learning for these students and bring them quickly to standard.

Those elementary schools whose free and reduced lunch rate is higher than the district average receive Title I, Part A dollars to support identified students. Students within these buildings are targeted for assistance based on multiple measures. Test scores from Smarter Balanced Assessment (SBA), district assessments, grades, Fountas and Pinnell reading assessments, and teacher observation are combined to create a rank-ordered list of students. Students are invited into Title I, Part A programs, beginning with those most in need of service. As students exit the program, their place is taken by the next student with greatest need. Students identified for Title I services are taught by highly qualified, certificated, teachers in a small group setting.

For more information, go to OSPI's Title 1 Part A webpage.

Complaint Procedures

Districts disseminate free of charge to parents of students, and to appropriate private school officials or representatives, adequate information about OSPI's written complaint procedures for resolving issues of violation(s) of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to Title I, Part A programs). [Chapter 392- 168 WAC Special Services Programs-Citizen Complaint Procedures for Certain Categorical Federal Programs.]

For more information on Citizen's Complaints, go to: OSPI's Citizen Complaint webpage

Title 1 Contact

Executive Director of Equity Alaina Sivadasan at 425-837-7204 or sivadasana@issaquah.wednet.edu.