A Message from the Superintendent and School Board President About Events in Washington D.C.

Dear ISD Community,

The events in our nation’s capital on Wednesday were very disturbing to watch and difficult to comprehend. As a superintendent and former U.S. History teacher, I loved teaching my students about the formation of our democracy and our Constitution. I taught them that the peaceful transfer of power was one of the most remarkable and crucial processes of our democracy. Watching an attack on that constitutional process this week was deeply troubling.

As a school district, we condemn this attack. While we value free speech, civic engagement, and the right to protest, we draw a line when these actions turn violent, resulting in injury and the loss of human lives. We recognize that members of our community possess a variety of beliefs related to the current political situation, but hope we can unite around a commitment to the shared values and principles that have formed the basis of our democracy for nearly 250 years. We recognize that this week’s events and the events of the past year have left many members of our community traumatized.

As educators, we are aware that events like this can have a profound impact on our students. While we don’t have all the answers to students’ questions and concerns, we can and should help them process these troubling events. The District recognizes the important role we play in educating our students about civic responsibility and provides guidance and resources to our educators to help them navigate these conversations. We also encourage families to talk about events like those of last Wednesday with their children. We have provided some resources for parents (below) to help with these conversations.

As terrible as it was to watch the attack on our Capitol, we are encouraged by the fact that our elected leaders returned and completed their constitutional duties, demonstrating that our democratic institutions, while tested, are still intact.

We remain optimistic about our country’s future because of the incredible young people that we have the pleasure of educating and supporting. Our students’ kind and creative minds are impressive, which gives us optimism for our future.


Ron Thiele, Superintendent

Suzanne Weaver, School Board President

Parent Resources: