Thirty-eight Issaquah School District Educators Earn National Board Certification

Thirty-eight additional teachers in the Issaquah School District earned their National Board Certifications in 2017. National Board Certification is one of the highest designations of professional excellence in the nation. With this new group, the Issaquah School District now has a total number of 177 NBC teachers working in our schools! 

While state licensing systems establish a baseline of requirements for teachers, National Board Certified teachers have successfully demonstrated advanced teaching knowledge, skills, and practices. NBC is the only credential process that compares a teacher’s knowledge and skills with a national set of professional standards. 

“We are extremely proud of the effort and commitment to excellence in teaching exemplified by these educators,” said Superintendent Ron Thiele. “These teachers dedicate countless hours of their personal time focusing on their teaching practice so that they may count themselves among the best educators in the nation. Not only do the students in their classrooms benefit, but the entire school district benefits as they share their best practices in teaching and learning with their colleagues.”

The teachers who earned certification this year are: Kristin Beasley, Beaver Lake Middle School (BLMS); Kristie Bennett, Skyline High School (SHS); Emily Bradford, Creekside Elementary; Amanda Brown, BLMS; Lucynda Campbell, Cougar Ridge Elementary (CR); Allyson Carpenter, CR; Elisabeth Carroll, CR; Stacy Clawson, Gibson Ek High School (GEK); Leora Clemans, BLMS; Katie Dale, Endeavour Elementary (EN); Stephen Gillespie, SHS; Karen Harmon, EN; Nicole Harrington, IHS; Jennifer Hartley, CR; Heather Haxton, BLMS; Erin Hayes, Challenger Elementary; Kelly Henry, IHS; Tiffany Holland, CR; Nicole Jansen, IHS; Neely Jarrel, Pine Lake Middle School; Alicia Jones, Issaquah Valley Elementary (IVE); Anjuli Johnston, PCMS; Laura McIntyre, Admin; James Mills, SHS; Mark Moody, IHS; Michelle Moon, Discovery Elementary (DSC); Kathleen Myers, IHS; Janelle Penney, EN; Frank Reichlen, IHS; Patti Riley, IVE; Marissa Sampsel, DSC; Kelly Samueloff, Cascade Elementary School; Alexandria Sedlack, SHS; Stefani Terry, Clark Elementary School; Emily Tuttle, IHS; Chelsea VanDeBrake, SHS; Christine Wieland, SHS; and Kirsten Woldendorp, SHS.  Additionally, the following teachers renewed their certifications in 2017: Christie Santodomingo, Stephen Darnell, Kara Heaphy, Jennifer Cerasoli, Sarah Johnson, and Michele VanMore.