Issaquah School Board Issues New School Safety Resolution

The Issaquah School District Board of Directors unanimously passed a School Safety resolution at their regular school board meeting held on Wednesday, March 14. The resolution acknowledges the impact of gun violence in schools, both in terms of loss of life and its detrimental impact on the learning environment. The resolution puts forth a strong call to action on the part of the United States Congress and Washington State Legislature to assist schools by taking concrete steps to address gun violence, including assistance for schools with social emotional and mental health interventions for at risk students. 

The board further reaffirmed its commitment to continually reviewing and improving safety plans, emergency preparedness plans, and infrastructure. Two student representatives from Skyline High School offered thoughtful input on the draft resolution that was incorporated into the final resolution.

Speaking on behalf of the board, ISD School Board President, Anne Moore stated that, “Through this resolution, the Board recognizes that the safety of our students and staff is of the utmost importance and changes must be made at both the national and local level to prevent gun violence. Our final resolution had the benefit of our student board members’ voices, which helped us create a stronger declaration to support students by including peer-to-peer student engagement and additional updates to our infrastructure.” 

The full resolution is available on the ISD website. For more information, please contact L. Michelle, Executive Director of Communications at 425-837-7004 or