Back to School Committee Planning for Fall Reopening

The ISD is hard at work planning for the reopening schools in the fall of 2020. A committee comprised of administrators, teachers, students, and parents has been created that includes several workgroups assigned to address scheduling, instructional planning, facility and staff health, and high school athletics and activities. The workgroups begin meeting on June 25, and will meet at least twice a week with the goal of completing their work by the end of July. The first milestone for the committee is to present a reopening plan to the ISD School Board by the end of July. The plan must adhere to the requirements and guidelines given to school districts by governing agencies, such as Public Health of Seattle King County, OSPI (Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction) and the State of Washington. It is expected those guidelines will shift and change throughout the summer, so contingencies must be built in to the plan.

Our Key Commitments for Reopening Schools are:

  • Remain committed to minimize the spread of Coronavirus in accordance with the guidance from various governing agencies
  • Keep staff and students safe and support social-emotional-physical well-being and interactions
  • Create understanding of the paradigm shift that guide and influence the instructional delivery in a hybrid or blended model
  • Enable staff, students, and their families to learn efficaciously from high-quality, developmentally appropriate practices, in possible dynamic circumstances
  • Minimize the impact of remote learning on students, which includes utilizing a common platform for Remote Teaching

The reopening plan must also take into consideration the expectations and concerns of the learning community, including students, parents, and staff. Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Thought Exchange and school reopening survey. Please watch for further opportunities to share your input as committee continues its work. Details of the committee’s reopening plans will be shared on the District website and in E-News. Please continue to watch for updates and information throughout the summer. For more information about the work of the committee and its workgroups, check the Reopening Schools webpage