Update on In-Person Instruction

Dear ISD Community,

Due to staffing issues, we are delaying the start of in-person teaching and learning for our High School and Elementary LRCII students and our Early Childhood Education students until such a time that we have adequate staffing to deliver the programs in an appropriate and safe manner. We apologize for this delay and are working diligently with our employees to finalize staffing decisions so we can bring these students back into our schools for some in-person instruction. It is our hope that these staffing issues can be resolved in a timely manner. Once we have the staffing issues resolved we will communicate a return date for these students. We are committed to providing at least one week of advanced notice to families once we have a new start date determined.

We are however, able to bring our Middle School Level LRCII students and our Academy of Community Transition (ACT) students back in to our schools beginning tomorrow (9/29) for in-person instruction.

We are also excited to bring in our ECEAP Preschool students for in-person instruction starting Thursday, October 1.

We recognize the frustration and concern that these delays and changes create for some of our families. It is our desire to serve students the furthest from educational equity for some level of in-person instruction as soon as possible, but this phased in return of students for in-person instruction is very complex and requires numerous staffing, supervision, and other planning conversations with our employees.