All Volunteers!

To volunteer in any of the Issaquah School District schools, please go to the website https://issaquahvolunteers.hrmplus.net/ and follow the below instructions:

RETURNING VOLUNTEERS who were approved last year:

  1. Sign back into the volunteer system and go to your “check off list.” (Click on “forgot password” if you do not remember it).
  2. Complete the Volunteer Orientation.
  3. Be sure that you have checked “Cougar Ridge” under “My Preferences.”
  4. That is all you need to do.


  1. Register at the above website and complete the online application.
  2. Approval may take at least ONE WEEK before you can volunteer.
  3. Once you have completed the application, it will be sent to the District office for approval. Each school office can then access the list of approved volunteers (be sure to select “Cougar Ridge” under “My Preferences”).
  4. Please note: This application does require your photo i.d. (like a driver’s license) to be scanned and attached to the application. If you do not have a scanner at home:
    1. Take a picture of your driver’s license with your smart phone and email it to yourself. Then upload the picture to the application.
    2. The school can scan your driver’s license and then email it to you so you can then upload it to the application.