Parking & Traffic Safety

Parking & Traffic Safety

With the support of parents, the Issaquah School District Transportation Department and the Bellevue Police, a set of rules has been established to facilitate pedestrian and automobile traffic in the parking lot. Violators will be reported to the Bellevue Police.

Vehicle Safety

Where to Park:

Every staff member has been assigned a numbered parking space and these spaces are for staff use only until 4 p.m. Any other unnumbered or unmarked space is open parking. Parents are encouraged to park on the street, as parking is very limited in the parking lot.


Buses, Daycare Vans & Staff:

Please see the diagram above. Parents please do not enter the bus drop off areas.

Using Side Street Access:

To avoid the parking lot many parents are using side streets and cul-de-sacs around the school. Families living in these neighborhoods ask that drivers be safe, considerate, and above all, PLEASE FOLLOW THE SPEED LIMIT!

Bicycle and Scooter:

Children in grades K-2 may bike to school only when accompanied to and from
school by a parent/guardian. Those children in grades 3-5 may ride to school unaccompanied. All children
must wear helmets. All children must walk their bicycles off and on the school grounds, using the
marked crossings, and are to follow the directions of the school patrol. Bicyclists need to give pedestrians
the right of way on the sidewalks. In-line skates, wheelie sneakers, and skateboards are prohibited on
school grounds.

Pedestrian Safety:

Walkers should cross at the appropriate crossings and follow the directions of the school patrol. Students are asked to stay out of the neighbors’ yards and to not litter. To provide additional safety, children should walk with other students.


Supervision is provided by educational assistants ten minutes before the school day begins.
Children should not be on the grounds unsupervised before that time. No supervision is provided beyond the immediate dismissal time.

Safety Patrol:

Being on Safety Patrol is an honor for fifth graders; they are selected based on their people skills and sense of responsibility. We ask students, and parents, to please obey their safety directions.

NO Dogs:

Dogs are NOT allowed on school grounds AT ANY TIME, by Bellevue City Ordinance, for safety and sanitary reasons.