Camp Information - 5th Grade

Camp Information - 5th Grade

The Outdoor Education Experience

  • Camp is a long standing tradition for Cougar Ridge 5th grade students.
  • Provides a hands on science learning experiences.
  • Builds camaraderie, friendship and team building skills.
  • Creates 5th grade memories for life.
  • Students will use the camp experiences throughout the year in a variety of
    academic areas.

Why Camp Warm Beach?

  • Warm Beach Camp is located on one of the finest eco-systems in the Northwest for the study of marine estuaries, upland forests, and human impact on natural systems.
  • Windows, doors & heat!!
  • Wide variety of activities.
  • Covered meeting area in case of rain.
  • Snacks will be provided for the students!


  • Approximately 8 students & 2 parent chaperones in each cabin.
  • Heated with windows & doors!
  • Multiple bathrooms and shower facilities.
  • Students will need a sleeping bag and pillow.

Café Warm Beach

  • Buffet style dining.
  • Multiple food choices for each meal, including a vegetarian option.
  • Morning and afternoon snacks, will be provided.
  • Please do NOT send any food, snacks, or treats with your child.


  • Initiatives/team work
  • Orienteering (Map and Compass skills)
  • Estuary Habitat Study (Canoeing)
  • Climbing Tower (Challenge by Choice & Personal Goal Setting)
  • Game of Life (new for this year)


  • All Camp Scavenger Hunt
  • The Great Pioneer Skills Challenge
  • Skits and Campfire with s’mores
  • Dance party and songs
  • Gym and craft time or board games

Swimming or Put-Put?

  • Students will have a choice to swim in the heated pools, play put-put golf, or play games in the field.
  • Don’t forget a swim suit, towel, & pool flip flops