Camp Information - 5th Grade

Frequently Asked Questions

5th Grade Camp Frequently Asked Questions

  • Even though my child says they do not want to swim, should I pack their bathing suit?
    Yes! The pool is warm and most kids choose this option.
  • Can my child bring their kindle for reading?
    No, there are no electronics for the students.
  • Can my child bring their cell phone in case there is an emergency?
    No, chaperones and teachers will all have their cell phones, please don’t worry.
  • Can I request the chaperone my child gets placed with?
    No, cabin placement is based on students choices with teacher input.
  • Who does cabin placement?
    Fifth grade teachers only. The camp coordinator has no input.
  • Should I send snacks/candy?
    No! We will be providing many snacks and don’t want critters in the cabins.