Student Council

PTSA-sponsored Student Council (SC) is a great way to practice leadership skills and participate in student government and humanitarian projects with your friends! All meetings for SC are at 7:20 am in the MPR and we meet until the first bell. Please bring signed form below to the meeting. Student Council meets once a month on the 2nd (sometimes 1st or 3rd ) Tuesday before school starts. It's a fun and valuable way to teach the younger grades by example so please join us!

The Cougar Ridge Student Council is a PTSA sponsored group established to provide student participation in school government. It consists of 4th and 5th grade students and several parent advisors. The purpose of this organization is to carry out the ideals of school spirit, increase cooperation between staff and students, and empower students to become good citizens. They do this by learning to run business meetings, developing leadership skills, and promoting confidence and self-esteem.

The Council leads some important annual events including School Spirit Days and the School Flag contest. Each year students on the Council come up with new ideas for helping the world beyond Cougar Ridge.