Safety Precautions

Entering the building

  • Students must complete an electronic attestation prior to arriving at school.
  • All people entering the building must wear a face covering.
    • The District has purchased and will issue two masks to each student and staff member upon their return.
  • Staff must complete an electronic attestation after entering and prior to beginning tasks in work day.
  • All schools and District building's HVAC control systems have been updated to allow for more fresh air and ventilation to occur. 
  • HVAC system filters are being updated from MERV-8 filters to MERV-13 filters where possible. This will allow for smaller airborne particles to be captured before entering an occupied space.
  • All people sign into the building.
  • Staff must take their temperature, it is required to be < 100.0 F.

protect-yourself-coworkers-from-covid-19Face covering

  • Again, all who enter our buildings must wear a face covering.
  • While at work the face covering should be worn to cover above the nose to below the chin if:
    • Individuals are working with another person in an enclosed space AND observing social distancing.
    • Individuals are walking or transitioning to another spot anywhere—yes, even the restroom.
    • Individuals could reasonably expect to cross paths with another person of any age.
    • Individuals are in a public space, such as a school.
  • If an individual is working alone in a classroom or office, it is not necessary to wear the mask over nose, mouth, and chin; however the mask should be in immediate reach while in our facilities.

Selecting face coverings

  • We have purchased and delivered a face covering for all employees to their respective buildings.
  • Staff may wear a "home made" cloth face covering:
    • Preference is out of cotton or tightly woven material
    • Face coverings should have two or more layers
    • Face coverings should fit snugly against one's face
  • Face shields are not the same and must be situationally considered.

Mask etiquette

  • Always wash your hands or sanitize before and after donning, wearing, and doffing a face covering.
  • Use the ties or loops to put your mask on and pull it off.
  • Don't touch the front of the mask, especially when taking it off.
  • Wash and dry your cloth mask daily and keep it in a clean, dry place.

Remember that masks work best in combination with hand washing and physical distancing.

    Hand hygiene

    Handwashing is the recommendation from Washington State Deptof Labor and Industries and the CDC to reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

    Public Health-SKC links to the CDC page which goes onto say: "The best way to protect yourself from germs when running errands and after going out is to regularly wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol."

    It is recommended that handwashing or sanitizing occur:

    • Upon entrance to a room.
    • After you have been in a public place and touched an item or surface that may be frequently touched by other people, such as door handles, tables, copy machines, desk tops, etc.
    • Before touching your eyes, nose, or mouth because that's how germs enter our bodies.
    • After you have sneezed or coughed.
    • Regularly as healthy hand hygiene would indicate, such as prior to eating or after using the toilet.

    Cleaning and disinfecting

    Custodial work has shifted. Typical custodial tasks will still be performed (floors, empty trash, dirty surfaces); however the primary objective is COVID-19 related disinfecting and cleaning; meaning:

    • Disinfecting will occur after every class.
    • Focus on high touch points around the building continually (bathrooms, desks, counter -  tops, doorknobs, computer keyboards).

    Physical distancing

    • We will observe physical distancing at 6 feet, even if we are conversing with only 1 other individual who does not regularly reside with us.
    • Limit the contact, interaction, and movement between people and people and places has assisted with limiting the transmission of the virus. 
      • Groups of people should not congregate.
      • Groups of people should not mix. 
      • Any lines should have 6 feet of distance between individuals.
      • Be aware of others around you as you work.

      Physical distancing etiquette

      It is reasonable for an individual to request another individual to observe the distance either by moving themselves or asking the other staff member to halt, backup, shift positions, etc. 

      It is unreasonable for another staff member not to acknowledge and adjust to such a request, regardless of their personal beliefs.  If that occurs, please contact your supervisor and/or HR.

      Departing the building

      • Use hand sanitizer.
      • Sign out indicating where you have been during the day to that point. 
      • Sign out at lunch and sign back in if returning.
      • Use hand sanitizer and depart.


      • Face coverings will be required at all times, including students and drivers. 
      • Students must have a daily attestation completed before boarding the bus.
      • Maintain social distancing at bus stops outside of those who reside in the same household. 
      • Students will have assigned seats for contact tracing purposes. 
        • Students are to remain seated and follow driver direction at all times. 
        • Buses will be loaded from the back to the front when possible and unloaded from the front to the back.
      • We will follow OSPI guidance regarding social distancing while on buses.
        • Buses are not limited to capacity.  If you are not comfortable with the amount of social distancing on the bus, you may transport your student to and from school. 
      • Windows will be cracked open and upper vents will be opened on the bus for ventilation.
        • Students should wear jackets.
      • Buses will be sanitized and handrails wiped down between routes. When they return to the motor pool buses will undergo a thorough daily disinfection. 
      • Watch a short video that explains and demonstrates bus health and safety protocols here

      Key information

      • Feeling unwell: STAY HOME!
      • Time: < 15 minutes in a 24 hour period
      • Distance: > 6 feet
      • Temperature: < 100 F
      • Hand hygiene: >20 seconds, multiple times per day
      • Facial Covering: Mandatory in any common space or not alone
      • Space: enclosed or outside
      • Limiting Exposure: attestation & follow up


      Please click here for a PDF accessible version of the please protect yourself and coworkers from COVID-19 handout from King County Public Health.