Homework Guidelines

K-5 Homework Guidelines

(District Regulations 2422 & 2422P)

The District relies on research based practices regarding time allotment guidelines for student homework. Students vary in their ability levels, learning styles, home resources, and need for additional work at home. Courses also differ in kinds of material presented, equipment requirements, and degrees of supervision needed for assignments, making it inappropriate to state specific time requirements.

According to research, if homework is assigned, the length of time elementary students should generally be spending on homework ranges from 10-20 minutes a day in Grades K-2 to 30-45 minutes a day in Grades 3-5.

K-5 Homework Guidelines for Parents

If your child regularly requires a great deal more time to complete assignments, you should contact your child’s teacher.  If your child does not have homework or finishes early, it is always a good idea to spend time reading or reviewing math facts. 

K-5 Homework Guidelines for Teachers

K-5 Homework should not be graded but may be considered as part of Behaviors that Promote Learning on the report card. To ensure that homework is an effective learning experience for students, the following guidelines are offered under District Regulation (Procedure) 2422P.

Teachers are responsible for:

  1. determining that work assigned to be done at home is appropriate for the student and the curriculum content to be covered;
  2. explaining the purpose of homework assignments and how they will be evaluated;
  3. giving clear and specific instructions for each assignment so that the requirements and expectations are understood by the student and so that additional instruction by parents is not expected or required;
  4. ensuring that homework is not drill beyond mastery or unnecessarily repetitious;
  5. monitoring the amount of work assigned so that it will be reasonable in terms of and commitments outside of school;
  6. assigning work to be done at home that does not require the use of reference materials not readily available in most homes, school libraries, or public libraries;
  7. monitoring student homework and providing appropriate feedback to students in a timely manner; and make student homework information available to parents in a timely manner.