Green School Party Tips

Green School Party Tips

  1. Buy in bulk to reduce waste and save money.  Example: Large drink containers instead of single-serving drink containers.


  2. Prevent waste by using durable dishes (and utensils) when possible.


  3. Offer finger foods that don’t require utensils or plates. Aim for healthy foods, but if you offer a sweet treat, consider cookies instead of cupcakes with wrappers or cake that requires dishes.


  4. Plan how to handle leftover foods and drinks. Ask parents or students to take home leftover treats or drinks that they donated or ask students to take home leftovers.


  5. Keep party decorations simple. Use durable (reusable) tablecloths and decorations.
    Remember: Plastic-lined tablecloths and paper decorations with paint on them are not recyclable. When creating posters, use markers instead of paint so that the paper can be recycled later.  


  6. Remind students and staff which materials can be recycled.  At the start of the party, make a short announcement about the materials that can and can’t be recycled.
    Remember: Paper cups, plastic and glass bottles, aluminum and steel cans, and milk and juice cartons that are empty and free of food CAN be recycled.  Drink pouches with foil, all plastic wrappers, and plastic straws cannot be placed in your school recycling containers.


  7. Set up recycling containers and signs. 
    • Make sure each party area has a blue recycling bin placed next to each garbage bin -- and that each recycling bin has a label showing what materials can be recycled. 
    • If your school also collects compostable materials, place a bin for compostable materials in each recycling and waste station for collection of any food waste and food soiled paper such as napkins, paper towels, and compostable paper plates.