Annual Community Report

Welcome to our annual community report on the 2016-2017 school year. In this report, you will find easily accessible information about student achievement, programs and services, and revenues and expenditures  as well as links to dig deeper. We also recommend accessing the OSPI district report card which includes important demographic, teacher qualification, assessment, annual measurable objectives, and financial information about our district. To get started, we invite you to view our interactive scorecard that highlights the key performance indicators the district has set for itself in academic achievement on student assessments, a safe learning environment, graduation, college and career preparedness, and customer satisfaction.

image of Superintendent Ron Thiele

Click here to read Superintendent Thiele's welcome message for the 2017-18 school year.

Our Schools, Students, and Community

The Issaquah School District has experienced significant growth the past five years and now educates more than 20,500 students. Our 15 elementary schools, five middle schools, three comprehensive high schools, and one choice high school are spread among 110 square miles in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. The district also runs the educational program at the state's Echo Glen Children's Center in Snoqualmie.

Throughout the district, our classrooms and operations are united by the School Board's mission: "All students will be prepared for and eager to accept the academic, occupational, personal, and practical challenges of life in a dynamic global environment."

In other words, we want Issaquah graduates not only prepared to compete in a vibrant global economy-we want them to lead the innovation! For students, this requires a strong foundation in core academic subjects, opportunities to discover personal passions and interests, competency in emerging technology, and a fine-tuned ethical compass to act as responsible, healthy national and international citizens. Our School Board has defined these essential learning goals in five Ends for Students. This clear focus combines with the dedication of our students, staff, parents, and community members-who value education as a top priority and see a direct link between the classroom and the quality of our future-to form a unique and remarkable learning community in Issaquah. Please visit or volunteer in a local school if you would like to be a part of this experience. While the information in this community report is critical as we work to be highly accountable for student achievement and our finances, the true heart and joy of Issaquah education is best understood from inside our classrooms.