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The Issaquah School District Capital Projects Department manages land acquisition, planning and design, bidding, construction, modernization and renovation of schools and District facilities.

In 1990, student enrollment was 8,600. The District had just three high schools, three middle schools and seven elementary schools. By 2002, enrollment had climbed to 14,500. Today nearly 21,000 students attend four high schools, five expanded middle schools, and 15 elementary schools. Over the last 10 years, Capital Projects has successfully managed approximately $325 million in projects and our schools and support service centers are modern, efficient, cost effective, and equitable district-wide.

A variety of sustainable strategies have been used to enhance the learning environment while reducing maintenance and operational costs. Since 2001, new construction has increased the total District building space 36.2% while energy usage has decreased 2%.

District Officials Announce Delay of Elementary 17, Funding Needs of High School 4

Delays, inflation, litigation, added permitting costs and new site requirements have caused a large increase in expenses for the district’s fourth comprehensive high school. The high school is one piece of the $533.5 million construction bond measure approved by voters in 2016. That package included plans to build a sixth middle school and two new elementary schools. It also funded the rebuild of Pine Lake Middle School, and the critical expansion and modernization of Beaver Lake Middle School and six elementary schools. 
Many of the bond projects have now been completed, with several major exceptions. Cougar Mountain Middle School is in the final stages of construction, with students and staff slated to move in early in 2022. Still underway are the planning and construction of the fourth high school and the 17th elementary school, two projects that have been severely impacted by challenges such as delays during the permitting process, changes in code requirements, supply chain issues, and pandemic-related problems. 
“These factors have had a drastic effect on the timeline and costs associated with the projects funded by the 2016 bond,” Superintendent Ron Thiele said. “When we were planning these projects, we could never have foreseen a global pandemic, the legal challenges connected to acquiring buildable property within the Urban Growth Area or the rapid rise in the rate of inflation. I’m incredibly proud of this team and our organization’s ability to accomplish what we’ve been able to do, given the obstacles we faced.”

    Read the full story on our update to the 2016 Bond Projects here.

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