Bond Projects

Central Administration Building

Exterior of Central Administration Building
The Issaquah School District acquired an office building to relocate its administrative offices. The new building is located at 5150 220th Ave. S.E., Issaquah.

The building is four stories tall and encloses a little over 105,000 sf. Administrative staff from the Holly Street Administration Center, plus some staff previously at May Valley Service Center.

About half of the first floor is devoted to a large board room, several large meeting rooms, as well as smaller conference rooms. Just inside the main entrance is reception and scheduling. The first floor will also house the main data center, the Technology Department as well as shipping/receiving and mail room.

The second floor will house some Teaching and Learning functions moving from May Valley and a training lab. Most of the second floor will remain vacant for future growth needs.

The third floor is the education floor and provides space for Teaching and Learning, Special Services and Student Support Services.

The fourth floor is occupied by the Superintendent, Executive offices, Human Resources, the Business Office and Capital Projects.

Access to the four floors is provided by three stairways and three elevators. 

The site provides over 400 parking spaces.

Project Information
Original Project Estimate: $4,000,000
Project Budget: $12,000,000
Budget: $12,000,000
Funding source: 2016 Bond
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: Edifice General Contractors & Teknon Electric
Estimated completion: Fall 2019
Administration Building
Address: 5150 220th AVE SE
Issaquah, Washington 98029

March 2020

  • Monument sign footing is complete. Installation of the sign is scheduled for mid-March.

February 2020

  • Technology department moved into their new space on February 12th.
  • Final order of furniture will be delivered on March 5th.
  • Monument sign is scheduled for installation in late February.
  • Closeout of project is underway with Edifice GC and Teknon Electrical Contractors.

January 2020

  • Punch list is complete
  • Final order for furniture items was submitted to the vendor in early January.
  • Commissioning is complete, waiting on final report.
  • Monument sign at main entry drive has been approved by the City of Issaquah. Currently being fabricated and will be installed in February.
  • Closeout of project is underway.

November 2019

  • Punch list is 90% complete
  • Capital Projects is in the process of reviewing additional staff requests for building warranty & furniture items.
  • Commissioning is underway and is expected to be completed by end of November.
  • Capital Projects and Business office (Phase II) construction is complete. Capital Projects moved into their new space in Mid-October.
  • Monument sign at main entry drive has been approved by the City of Issaquah. Finalizing paperwork before installation.

August 2019

  • Staff moved into their new spaces on July 17-19th.
  • First punch list review has been completed on all 4 floors.Second round of punch list review is underway.
  • 4th Floor Capital Projects area is complete, with the exception of flooring and casework. Capital Projects will move into new space at the end of September.
  • Front entry monument sign is in review for permit.
  • Relocation of sidewalk at entry drive off of 220th has been poured. Repaving is scheduled for end of August.
  • Capital Projects office has collected feedback and staff requests, and will address issues in the early fall.
  • Building’s HVAC system is 80% balanced and should be complete by mid-September. Commissioning is ongoing.

June 2019

  • Business office expanded into their new 4th floor space on May 29th.
  • 4th floor punch was completed on May 22nd -- 1st floor was completed on June 6th.
  • TCO for floors 1 and 4 will be issued on June 17th.
  • Flooring was installed on the 4th floor the last week of May. 1st floor flooring will be completed the week of June 10th followed by the 3rd and 2nd floors the following weeks.
  • Signage on all four floors in underway.
  • Board Room A/V is being installed and tested in preparation for the first board meeting in August.
  • 1st and 4th floors are scheduled to be occupied on June 27th, followed by the 2nd and 3rd floors on July 17th.
  • Furniture for the 1st and 4th floors will be installed the week of June 17th.
  • The old 4th floor offices that were previously occupied by the business office were demoed on June 1st to make way for the Capital Projects office. Wall partitions and electrical is underway. Completion of the capital projects area is scheduled for August 26th.
  • Appliances will be installed on June 20th in all kitchenettes.

April 2019

  • Lighting and electrical is 90% complete. Emergency, data and HVAC system connections will be complete at the end of April. 

  • Painting on floors 1, 3 and 4 are complete. Floor 2 is underway.

  • Wall coverings will be completed on all 4 floors by the end of April.

  • Sliding office doors are 80% installed.

  • Data Center Move has been delayed until a later date as it was found to be too much risk to coordinate with the overall move. Also waiting on fiber connection permit approval with city of Issaquah which is still in review.

  • Office furniture for all 4 floors was ordered.

  • Lobby tile will be installed first week of May.

  • Move dates have been set for Phase 1 on June 27, 28th and Phase 2 on July 10, 11 and 12th.

  • HVAC has been signed off by building inspector on floors 1 and 4. Ceiling tile on the 4th floor will be completed at the end of April, followed by 1st floor installation at the beginning of May. HVAC on floors 2 and 3 will be reviewed by inspector by Mid-May.

  • Casework in Kitchenettes and Workroom will be completed on the 4th floor at the end of April. 1st floor is underway.

March 2019

  • Building Permit has been issued by the City of Issaquah.

  • Framing on floors 1-4 has been inspected and signed off.

  • New fire system, quick response sprinklers, mechanical duct work, lighting, and security system are underway on all floors.

  • GWB is complete on the 3rd and 4th floors. 80% complete on the 1st and 2nd floors. Patching, mudding and taping is underway on the 1st and 2nd floors -- and is complete on the 3rd and 4th floors. Painting has begun and will be followed closely behind with wall coverings.

  • Office furniture layouts are being finalized. Finishes were selected in February and a final quote is being prepared.

  • Data Center move has been postponed due to Comcast’s fiber work being delayed.  Electrical contractor is working to have everything in place for the new data center move by Mid-April.

January 2019

  • Exterior Landscape site improvements were completed by end of the year. Work included the removal of dead trees and sod in the parking areas, and replacement with bark and new plantings. 

  • All interior partition and electrical demo work is complete.

  • Demo of duct work and old VAV’s is at 90% completion. 

  • Second round of Permit comments were received in late December. District and Architect are evaluating options for a response.

  • Framing for wall partitions are completed on the 3rd and 4th floors, 2nd floor is 50% complete and the 1st floor is underway. Expecting drywall to begin installation the first week of January.

  • Electrical contractor is running conduits and installing receptacles in new partition walls, 4th floor is complete and 3rd floor is underway.

  • UPS will be installed and commissioned by the end of January.

  • The Board Room platform has been built and finish details are being selected.

  • Capital Projects is finalizing furniture layouts for all 4 floors. Delivery and install will occur after the substantial completion date.

October 2018

  • Electrical/Data and Communication submittals are being reviewed by electrical engineer and CP team.
  • Demo of existing electrical, data and communications on all floors is approximately 80% complete.
  • First round of permit review comments were received in early October for the Architectural and Mechanical Plans. Cornerstone Architects and Hultz Mechanical Engineers are working to address the city’s feedback.
  • Bid advertisements for a General Contractor were posted on October 12th and again on the 19th. There was a mandatory site walk on Tuesday, October 23rd. Twenty-one contractors and subcontractors attended. Bids will be due on November 6th.Construction is expected to commence in mid-November.
  • Work on the exterior envelope to re-caulk the joints was completed in early October. This will prevent future leaks from penetrating through exterior walls.
  • Roof Top Unit #2 was replaced on October 12th. The old RTU was craned off and removed from the site.
  • Trane is in the process of installing new front end controls to the HVAC system. This will allow the School District to manage temperature throughout various zones of the building. Estimated completion by end of October.
  • Repairs to VAV’s, the chiller and rooftop units are ongoing and are expected to be completed by end of October.
  • Contractor is on-site marking locations of new walls on all floors so that Electrical contractor can pull data/electrical lines to the exact location. This should help speed up the build-out of partition walls once a GC is selected.
  • Site improvements are being evaluated which may include removal of dead trees and re-landscaping some of the parking islands.

September 2018

  • The Electrical, Data and Communication Bid was awarded to Teknon Electric on 9/11/18. Work will commence on 9/12/18 with demo of existing power and data planned for the first 6 weeks.
  • 3rd floor failed window units were replaced in early September.
  • Architectural and Mechanical permit set drawings were submitted to the city in early September.
  • Cornerstone Architects are finalizing specs for interior finishes.
  • Work on the exterior envelope to re-caulk the joints will commence on September 12th and will be completed by mid-October. This work will prevent future leaks from penetrating through exterior walls.
  • Roof Top Unit #2 is scheduled for replacement the first weekend of October. Permit has been issued and the unit is currently being built offsite.
  • Trane will install new front end controls to the HVAC system by early October. This will allow the School District to manage temperature throughout various zones of the building.
  • Repairs to VAV’s, the chiller and rooftop units are ongoing.


  • Renovations to the parking area were completed in July. The scope included removal and replacement of asphalt in failed areas, crack repairs, re-sealing and re-striping the entire parking lot.
  • Work on the exterior envelope to re-caulk the joints will commence in mid-August. This work will prevent future leaks from penetrating through exterior walls.
  • Fiber installation and termination was completed in July. The building is now fully connected to the district network.
  • The card access system throughout the first level is now activated.
  • Work has commenced on repairs to the chiller and maintenance to all building VAV boxes. Replacement of the rooftop mechanical unit was reviewed and approved by a structural engineer and has been ordered for replacement in late August.
  • The Electrical Engineer is finalizing specs and plans to go out to bid in mid-August. The scope of this work will include a complete building retrofit to the electrical, data and communication systems.

June 2018

  • New landscaping and concrete walkway repairs at the main building entry plaza were completed in early June. Replacement LED lighting poles will be installed mid-summer.
  • Renovations to the parking area are planned for the first week of July. Work includes removing and replacement of asphalt in failed areas, crack repairs, re-sealing and striping the entire parking lot.
  • A proposal was received to repair all exterior caulking to prevent future leaks. This work is scheduled to be completed Mid-Summer.
  • King County and Comcast will complete their installation and termination of fiber into the building at the beginning of July.
  • A proposal was received to repair 3 rooftop mechanical units, replace one existing rooftop unit, repair the chiller and provide maintenance to all building VAV boxes. Scheduling for this work is currently being assessed.
  • Fiber and associated infrastructure is currently being pulled from the Server room up to the 3rd floor IDF’s.
  • Herzog glass was able to match existing exterior windows, and is planning to replace a 3rd floor window in late summer.
  • The first floor conference areas is being finalized.
  • SCR Architects is finalizing casework drawings for kitchenettes, work rooms, lobby and conference rooms.

May 2018

  • Repair work commenced on the entry plaza in early May. Overgrown trees and buckled concrete was removed. New slabs will be poured with replacement LED lighting and upgraded landscaping.
  • Herzog glass completed their initial phase of shifting approximately 80 windows back into place. The second phase includes matching the window color and replacing 1 window on the 3rd level.
  • King County and Comcast are working to install fiber from the King County Courthouse and into the new Admin building.
  • A contractor is working to test and run new fiber/data cables.
  • Capital Projects Department met with the City of Issaquah in early May to review plans for permit submittal. The City came back with multiple requests for information, which the district is currently in the process of collecting.
  • Demo of the granite floor in the lobby was completed in May.

April 2018

  • Floor plans were revised and sent back to SCR Architects in early April. Revised plans were received and sent off to mechanical and electrical contractors, as well as the district technology department.
  • Mechanical and Electrical Contractors are currently working on building systems plans. Will be reviewed by the Capital Projects office in early May.
  • The permit for running fiber from the County Courthouse to the new Admin Building was approved in April.
  • Herzog glass is shifting approximately 80 windows back into place that had slightly moved over the years. After examining the building, it was determined that only 1 window will need to be replaced.
  • Receiving quote for exterior leak investigation and repairs which would occur over the summer.
  • Design for exterior entryway concrete replacement slabs and landscaping was completed in April. Receiving quotes from contractors with work to commence in mid-May.
  • Finishes for the lobby and board room are being selected. Will review with the School Board on May 9th
  • Redhawk will be changing the existing card access system at the main entry points into the building to meet ISD requirements in May.
  • Receiving bids for updating the fire and life safety system.

March 2018

  • First round of floor plans were received from SCR Architects in Mid-March. Currently under review by the Capital Project department.
  • Installation of Fiber Conduit paths through the building and into the MDF are complete. King County I-Net and Comcast are progressing with plans for fiber installation into the building.
  • VCT and Carpet in all areas have been removed.
  • Preparing bids for concrete and asphalt repairs in the parking area and main entrance to the building.
  • Investigation into possible window replacement around the exterior of the building are ongoing.
  • Interior finishes and colors are being finalized, in addition to office and cubicle configurations.
  • Upgrades to the parking light poles are being evaluated.


February 2018

  • The Capital Projects team is working with King County, Comcast and the Technology Department to bring in new Fiber runs from the nearby District Court. Conduit paths have been traced into the building from the exterior vaults.
  • Investigation of electrical, communication and fiber conduit paths (by floor) was completed in early February. Ongoing investigation of existing mechanical and electrical systems is progressing.
  • SCR Architects will begin floor plans in early February following completion of interior space planning.
  • All existing carpet and VCT flooring will be removed by the end of the month.

January 2018

  • Department Programming is being finalized.
  • Design Development is continuing on building floor plans.
  • Schematic designs are being considered for Board Room size and configuration.
  • SCR Architects completed as-built floor plans. Will begin construction documents by the end of January.
  • Capital Projects and the Technology Department team are working with King County and Comcast to route fiber into the building.
  • The Technology Department is continuing their investigation of existing building systems and infrastructure.
  • Tour of the Northshore School District Administrative Building by district staff occurred on 1/5/17.

December 2018

  • The purchase of the new Administrative Building closed on 12/01/17.
  • SCR Architects have been selected to complete Tenant Improvement documents for the building.
  • Site and building investigation work is underway, including the installation of fiber and cable systems.
  • Staff Surveys regarding the new building were completed in November. Capital Projects is currently analyzing responses from department directors.
  • Department programming and space layouts are proceeding.
  • Tour of the new Everett School District Administrative Building by district staff is scheduled on 12/13/17.