Bond Projects

Briarwood Elementary Rebuild

BWE Entrance
Briarwood Elementary School opened in September 2012, replacing the original building constructed in 1963.
The floor plan and building design for Briarwood Elementary are similar to Creekside and reflect an increased emphasis on day-lighting and natural ventilation strategies to reduce energy consumption and enhance the learning environment. The exterior design and colors provide the new building with an individual identity. The 2-story school includes 28 classrooms, a computer lab, music room, multi-purpose room, gym and resource room with OT/PT room for special services. The classroom wings are organized around a central Library.  In addition to a typical elementary sand playfield, the school site includes two covered playsheds.
Project Information
Original Project Estimate:
Project Budget:
Budget: $26,285,000
Funding source: 2006 Bond and Levy
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: Babbitt Neuman Construction Company
Estimated completion: Building Occupied September 2012
Briarwood Elementary
Address: 17020 SE 134th Street
Renton, Washington 98059
Principal: Tia Kleinkopf

May 2013

  • Project is complete except still waiting for punch list from King County Site Inspector.

March 2013

  • Punch list is complete.
  • Extra work complete this week.
  • Video surveillance being tested.
  • Preparing to install portables for Special Services.
  • Offsite improvements punch list work (paving repairs) planned for Spring Break.

February 2013

  • Final punch list items are nearly complete. The few remaining items of work are to be completed during winter break to avoid conflicts with operation of the school.
  • Landscaping is complete and in punch list phase.

November 2012

  • Building is in final punch list phase.
  • HVAC commissioning is continuing.
  • Landscape irrigation is complete.
  • Asphalt paving is complete on new entry drive and parking lot.
  • Landscape planting has begun.
  • Sand play field underdrains are complete and installation of sand will begin November 5, 2012.

August 2012

  • Almost done!
  • Demolition of original school building and site improvements is complete.
  • Site grading continues.
  • Asphalt paving is complete on new entry drive and parking lot.
  • Landscape irrigation and soil placement is underway.
  • Building has reached substantial completion and office staff is working in new building.

June 2012

  • Exterior siding is nearly complete.
  • Construction cleaning in classrooms has begun.
  • Administration area is nearly ready for carpet.
  • Interior light fixtures and ceiling fans are being installed.
  • Acoustic sound panels are being installed.
  • Grading of parking lot has begun.

May 2012

  • Framing is complete.
  • Site fencing has begun.
  • Steel bridge expected to arrive in May.
  • Bridge piers and stairs from 168th are underway.
  • Site concrete at building entries and fire lane are poured.
  • Sub-grade for fire lane and 60% of play area is ready for ATB paving scheduled for May 21st.
  • Exterior metal panels have been ordered and expected to arrive May 18th.
  • 134th Street re-opened.
  • Administration offices complete and ready for floor covering.
  • Carpet is installed in 25%of the classrooms.
  • Interior doors and hardware are being installed.
  • Wainscot in hallways and bathrooms are underway.
  • Permanent electric power to building was completed May 18th. Commissioning of mechanical equipment will begin May 21st.
  • Existing playground will be turned over to construction June 9th to start construction of new parking lot, student drop-off lane and access to the loading dock.
  • Project is on schedule for Substantial Completion in June.

April 2012

  • Framing in all areas will be completed in May.
  • Steel bridge and fencing are expected to arrive in May.
  • Exterior metal panels have been ordered and expected to arrive in May.
  • Off site sewer work line to connection point at LHS is completed and onsite vault has been installed.
  • Site concrete is underway.
  • Asphalt around building is to be completed this month so Contractor can relocate job shacks and begin work on new parking lot June 1st followed by demolition of existing school and construction of entry drive and sand playfield.
  • 134th Street is paved and will reopen May 7th.
  • Administration offices are nearing completion.
  • Carpet is scheduled to start in classrooms May 7th.
  • Interior doors and hardware are being installed.
  • Library and first floor core are being sheet rocked and finish paneling is commencing.
  • Project is on schedule for substantial completion in June.

March 2012

  • Framing is complete; all but stage, commons and gym and will be 100% by April.
  • Steel exterior stairs and bridge will be delivered by April.
  • Off site sewer work is underway and expected to be completed by April.
  • Site concrete will commence mid April.
  • Electrical and mechanical work is being roughed-in the Administration offices and completed in the classrooms.
  • The main two story building is dried-in; windows, metal roofing, metal siding, and block veneer are nearing completion.
  • Exterior and interior doors and hardware are arriving early April.
  • Wall covering is completed in all classrooms, millwork is nearly complete in north wing classrooms, and ceiling grid is being installed in all classrooms.
  • Concrete stone work is complete in the library and electrical rough in is underway.
  • Project is on schedule for substantial completion.

February 2012

  • North classroom wing, upper floor classroom painting has started. Installation of ceiling tile grid has begun.
  • North classroom wing, lower floor gypsum board is complete in classrooms and primer is complete. Gypsum board installation is underway in the corridor area.
  • South classroom wing, upper floor and lower floor classrooms gypsum board installation is underway while rough-in work is completed.
  • Both wings are dried-in and metal roofing installation has begun.
  • Structural glue-lam beams have been set over the gym and are in place and ready to be set over the commons.

January 2012

  • King County has issued the full Building Permit.
  • All building slabs have been poured.
  • Framing of North classroom wing is complete.
  • Framing on first floor of West classroom wing is nearly complete. Framing underway at 2nd floor and roof.
  • Block walls are topped out for Gym, Kitchen and Mechanical exterior walls.
  • Block veneer is starting on the North classroom wing.
  • Electrical and sprinkler pipe is completed and duct work is underway in North wing.
  • Temporary storm water system is working as planned.
  • Off-site work has begun along 168th curb. Gutter and asphalt are complete and sidewalk construction will follow.
  • King County has authorized full closure of 134th Street to complete King County DOT regrading of 134th at the intersection of 134th and 168th. This work will be completed within the next 60 days; street closure is expected to last no more than one month, depending on the weather.

August 2011

  • Interim student drop-off lane and parking lot are complete.
  • Relocation of big play equipment is complete.
  • Relocation of readerboard and miscellaneous signage is complete.
  • County issued a Clearing and Grading Permit. Phase I site clearing is complete. Grading for north and west classroom wings is complete. Footings for north classroom wing is planned to be poured Wednesday, 8/13/11 provided County issues PICA permit. Retention pond retaining walls are being erected.
  • Temporary utility trenching and conduits are installed to feed existing school. Power tie-in scheduled for 8/20/11. Fiber, phone and TV to be scheduled.
  • Steel shop drawings are under review and contractor is expecting on-time steel delivery to keep building on schedule.

June 2011

  • Bids were received on June 2, 2011. Five bids were received, opened and read aloud. Authorization to issue a Notice of Intent to Award is on the board agenda for June 8, 2011.

April 2011

  • Design is complete.
  • Bid documents are being prepared.
  • Bid period to start April 28, 2011.
  • Construction contract should award in late May to early June.
  • Work on site of new school to begin in June.

March 2011

  • Plans have been submitted to King County for permit review and approval.
  • Bid documents are nearing completion.
  • Scheduled to start construction May 2011 with demolition and significant construction work beginning in mid-June following the end of the school year.

October 2010

  • Site plan is nearly complete and has been submitted to King County for preliminary review.
  • Wetland report is complete.
  • Hydrology study is complete.
  • Soils report is complete.
  • Building design is underway.
No additional documents are available for this project.