Bond Projects

Elementary #16

E16 Front Entry
Elementary #16 will be located on the Issaquah Pine Lake Road on a portion of a 13-acre site known locally as the Volpe property.
To meet continued enrollment growth, the District will construct a new elementary school to house up to 650 students.  The building will include 26 classrooms and construction of playfield, bus and circulation areas and new parking.
Project Information
Original Project Estimate: $36,500,000
Project Budget: $36,500,000
Budget: $36,500,000
Funding source: 2016 Bond
Project status: Planning, Design, and/or Permitting
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: TBD
Estimated completion: September 2021

February 2020

  • A mandatory pre-bid meeting was held at the project site on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.Nine general contractors were in attendance.
  • Bid opening on March 5, 2020.

January 2020

  • City of Sammamish has reviewed site plan for clearing and grading permit with comments and returned to our design team.
  • City of Sammamish has reviewed the building permit plans and has returned with comments to our design team.
  • Elementary # 16 will advertise for bid January 24 & 31, 2020.

November 2019

  • SEPA has been completed and is posted on site.

August 2019

  • ISD design team working to respond to the City of Sammamish’s first round of review comments.

June 2019

  • The City of Sammamish has accepted our application for the Clear & Grading Permit and will begin review shortly.
  • Groundbreaking is scheduled for later in June.

April 2019

  • Pre Application meeting occurred with City of Sammamish in March. Preparing for Permit submittal in May.

  • Traffic studies continue to be reviewed to determine ingress and egress onto the site for vehicles and busses. The District is working closely with the City of Sammamish with their plans to expand Issaquah-Pine Lake Road.

  • Electrical and Mechanical plans are being finalized.

  • The District met with neighboring Jacobs Creek HOA in early April to review site plans. Feedback was positive regarding proposed entry drive location and placement of school facilities.

March 2019

  • Pre Application meeting is scheduled with the City of Sammamish.

  • The prior property owners moved out of the last occupied house at the end of February.  The site has been secured. Cleanup of the site is ongoing.

  • Building floor plans and exterior elevations have been finalized. Color selections and finishes are underway.

  • Traffic studies are currently being reviewed to determine ingress and egress onto the site for vehicles and busses. The District is working closely with the City of Sammamish with their plans to expand Issaquah-Pine Lake Road. This will eventually impact where the main entry drive will be located.

  • Electrical and Mechanical plans are underway. Site plan is being finalized.

  • Site plan is being finalized.

  • The District is in the process of arranging a community meeting with the neighboring properties.

June 2018

The Issaquah School District has acquired approximately 13 acres located at 4305-4353 Issaquah Pine Lake Road SE in the City of Sammamish. This land, known as the “Volpe Property,” is heavily impacted by wetlands and critical areas and therefore not fully developable. However, the District has determined that the useable area is sufficient for a compact footprint elementary school similar to Clark Elementary.

Site planning and building design are underway with the intention of beginning construction in 2019. The new elementary school is scheduled to open in September 2020. Residents may notice activity sooner on the property as the geotechnical soils analysis work is conducted in the coming weeks.

The District is working to complete survey, geotech and traffic studies.  Work is proceeding with initial schematic design work pending finished survey drawings that include detailed topographic information and tree locations.

April 2018

Site acquisition remains underway.