Bond Projects

Issaquah High School Reconstruction

IHS Courtyard 2013
New three-story enclosed campus replaced original Issaquah High School building constructed in 1962.

Classroom and core area facilities of the new Issaquah High School campus were completed by fall 2010 to ensure capacity for the return of freshman located at Pacific Cascade Freshman Campus.  The remaining core facilities were completed by fall 2011.

The new enclosed design featured:

  • Three-story classroom wings
  • Expanded Commons and Gym
  • Office at the front of campus for safety
  • 600-seat Performing Arts facility available for community use
  • "Green" features including day-lighting to reduce electrical lighting need and rain gardens for water detention
Project Information
Original Project Estimate:
Project Budget:
Budget: $96,225,000
Funding source: 2006 Bond and Levy
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Mahlum Architects
Contractor: Cornerstone General Contractors
Estimated completion: Classrooms Occupied September 2010
Issaquah High
Address: 700 2nd Avenue SE
Issaquah, Washington 98027
Principal: Erin Connolly

June 2012

    • Contractor continues to work on the building, site work and landscape punch list items. The school's production of Fiddler on the Roof opened to rave reviews in the new performing arts center.

August 2011

    • The Phase II portion of the building has received a Temporary Occupancy and the contractors are working on the punch list and final cleaning. We are starting to move boxes and equipment into all areas where cleaning is finished.
    • We will be able to move into the Performing Arts building in all rooms per the scheduled substantial completion. However, we may need to work around a few installation items in the theater depending on arrival of some delivery items.
    • The west side of 2nd Ave. has been cleared and curbs have been poured for widened areas. Grinding and repaving will occur on 2nd Ave. the week of 8/15. Beginning 8/8, clearing will begin for the added right turn lane at 2nd and Front St. as required by the City. All of the east sidewalks have been poured other than a few connecting pieces and all of the power poles have been removed since the building is now fed by underground power and utilities.
    • The old school building is now completely demolished with regrading underway in the area of the original campus. Half of the parking lot has been graded, curbs and sidewalks installed, and paving and striping is complete.
    • The color coating process on the tennis courts is underway now that the net posts have been installed. Lights have been installed and are operational.
    • The track has been resurfaced other than the track lines and markers. The turf is installed and most of the lines are complete. The installer is working on the end zone letters and the logo; rubber will be added to the field this week. Curbs have been poured and fence posts installed in the softball field batting cages. The baseball field has been excavated and the infield drainage system and gravel have been installed. Installation of artificial turf will follow shortly.

June 2011

    • The majority of conduit is installed along the 2nd Ave road frontage for undergrounding the PSE overhead power lines as required by the City of Issaquah. The end termination poles should be set the week of 6/13/11 and the utility companies can start pulling in their power, phone, cable and fiber in preparation for disconnecting the overhead and transferring it to the new underground system near the beginning of July. Trenching and conduits are being installed at the Transportation building since they are also part of the power conversion. 2nd Ave. street lighting pole bases and detention/water quality filtration and sidewalk grading are proceeding where access is available.
    • Tennis court fence posts are installed and PSE electrical ground of them is occurring — a requirement since the fence posts are within the easement of the overhead power lines on the east side of the school site.
    • Most flooring and first coats of paint are in for all of Phase II except the Theater and north Commons. Stage flooring has been started, most house lights are complete and the stage rigging is hung. Wall paneling is being installed and the seats are scheduled for the end of the month. The classrooms are taking shape with some of the electrical trim work and miscellaneous items still needing completion.
    • The parking lot just north of the Phase II is now being used by students and as an additional parent/ student drop off area.
    • Woodshop and Material Science is slightly behind the other classrooms due to the complexity of the rooms ductwork, gas and air systems. We will be able to install the dust collection system to the larger shop tools by mid-month.
    • We will be able to move in per the scheduled substantial completion in all rooms but we may need to work around a few installation items in the theater depending on arrival of some delivery items.

April 2011

    • Sheet rocking is nearly complete in Phase II and most areas are primed and have their first coat of paint. Theater curtain rails and the fly loft set and light lifts are nearly done. T-bar ceiling track has been installed in most areas with lighting following in their wake. Casework is 75% complete with specialty counters to follow.
    • The exterior masonry and masonry cleaning as well as siding are near completion. Most windows are installed and waiting for caulking other than where access is required. The roof is complete and a large portion of sheet metal trim has been installed.
    • NE parking area (54 stalls) north of phase two has been completed other than the rain gardens and sprinklers. Most sidewalks in this area are near completion.
    • Along 2nd Ave the contractor is preparing to install conduits and vaults for the power, phone, cable, and fiber to be installed underground. Most power vault holes have been dug and will start receiving vaults today. Trenching for 1600 lineal feet will follow. The contractor has taken over the southwest parking area and installed utilities associated with the bus loop and half of the staff parking. The asphalt has been ground and stock piled and grading has started.

March 2011

    • Building has been dried in.
    • Gypsum wallboard is complete in some areas and painting has begun.
    • Concrete risers and stairs in the main auditorium have been poured.
    • Installation of interior windows has begun.

December 2010

    • The large crane has left after flying all the large steel into place for the remainder of Phase II building.
    • The metal decking has been installed for the second floor and for the roof over the theater.
    • The second floor was scheduled to pour but the snow and the following rain has delayed the pour.
    • The roofing was to start on the theater but the rain has prevented its start.
    • Limited electrical, mechanical and fire sprinkler is being hung where allowed without full roof protection.
    • The contractor is making good progress on the punch list for Phase I.

October 2010

    • Teachers have settled into classrooms with minor interruptions from construction.
    • The Contractor has demolished the former existing building as needed for Phase II and has graded the site.
    • Underground utilities are being installed as required for Phase II.
    • Temporary erosion control and holding/drainage cells have been installed.
    • The brace frame footings have been installed along with some exterior wall footings. Construction of the rear theater concrete walls has begun and the orchestra pit foundation and wall are poured. The concrete orchestra pit ceiling/stage sub-floor has been poured.

May 2010

  • Construction at Issaquah High School is progressing on schedule. 


April 2010


      • Fencing has been installed on the north end of the track, east of the grandstands and north of the tennis courts.
      • The seat wall around the north end of the track is complete except for the sandblast finish and walkway concrete. Walkway concrete will by poured along with the courtyards.
      • Most of the exterior is painted on the north and central classroom wings and part of the south building.
      • Siding is well under way on the south classroom wing. The north and central wings are complete except for the stair towers.
      • Masonry is nearly complete and cleaned in the three classroom buildings, the west and south side of the gym building, and the south third of the gym's east wall.
      • In the courtyards between the classroom wings, some of the seat walls have been poured and the area is prepped for sidewalks using base recycled from the original parking lot.
      • Roofing is completed in all areas except over the commons. This area is receiving its final cap sheet in preparation for the green roof installation.


      • In the classroom buildings, the ceiling grid and tile are being installed where it won't impact system installations.
      • Classroom corridors are being painted with epoxy paint in preparation for floor finishes which will start near the end of April.
      • Painting and beam finish is under way in the library.
      • In the commons, most of the heating and cooling pipe is installed, masonry has started on the east wall, and windows have been installed on the south side along with most of the glass down the connector corridor.
      • In the main and upper gym, most of the walls are painted, acoustical walls panels and installation of lights has started, and the basketball backstops are being hung from the ceiling. Large duct work and a ductwork chase are also underway.
      • In the auxiliary gym, GWB wallboard is being taped and the lighting and electrical systems are under way.
      • The epoxy floor in the kitchen is nearly complete. 

March 2010

  • Installation of exterior masonry and siding panels continues on the classroom wings. Library windows are complete. Window and storefront installation at the Commons and circulation bridges is underway and is a major step towards full enclosure of all building areas. Classroom cabinets have been set in the north and center wings. Installation has begun in the south wing. Science lab cabinet installation began the first week of March. Ceiling grid light fixtures and ceiling fan installation is moving forward.
  • Installation of sheetrock and finish work is nearing completion in the main and upper auxiliary gyms. Commons area slab pours are complete. Installation of plumbing rough-in, HVAC piping and ductwork, and electrical rough-in continues in the areas east of the classroom wings. The north classroom wing is nearly ready for the installation of light fixtures, final trim and floor finishes.

November 2009

  • Framing continues throughout the site with the majority or the exterior wall framing happening on the eastern buildings. Exterior sheathing is finishing up on the central classroom building and starting on the south one. Windows are installed on the north classroom building, insulation is being installed, and gypsum wall board (GWB) is being hung in the first level. Limited joint taping is following the GWB. The roofing is complete on the north classroom wing and is about half complete on the central and south classroom. Exterior masonry is starting on the north classroom building.
  • Most of the concrete slab is poured in the east buildings (1st and 2nd floor), the library, and part of the second floor walkway connecting the classroom buildings. The commons is in the first stages of preparation of slab forming.
  • Metal roof decking (holds the insulation and roof up) is nearly complete for Phase I. Roofing will start within the next few weeks on the eastern buildings, weather permitting.
  • Approximately 2,000 feet of trench for the primary power and gas service were just completed from Second Ave. to the rear of the building near the loading dock. The rest of the trenching will be completed over the first winter break. Excavation has started for the tennis court retaining walls, the generator enclosure, and the fire lane retaining wall east of the gym.
  • District construction coordinator Royce Nourigat led a group of students interested in construction careers through the Issaquah High building site. While taking an up-close look at the project, they discussed various jobs within the industry. Following up on the tour, the students met and chatted with some of the construction workers during a question-and-answer session at the school's career center.

September 2009

  • The site is being buttoned up and prepared as required to handle the wet season weather. The access road to the tennis courts is in and the contractor is using the area for the parking of approximately 100 workers.
  • All footing and on-grade slabs are poured for the east and west buildings of Phase I except for the locations that get Retro-plated concrete. Footing and stemwalls in the commons and classroom connector hallways are being dug, formed, and poured in a sequence that allows quick completion while still allowing some access to those areas as needed. Underground electrical and mechanical is following the concrete pours as needed.
  • Steel erection continues in the east and west zones with primary focus on the metal decking for above grade slabs and roof decks. All three floors are poured in all three classroom wings and the framing has started. In the north classroom wing it is nearly complete on the first floor, along with much of the second, and starting on the third. Mechanical and electrical systems are proceeding in the north classroom wing starting on the first floor and proceeding up.

June 2009

  • Brace-frame footings are nearly complete for phase one. Column and stem wall footings along with stem walls are complete in the north classroom wing and the grade is being prepared for a slab pour on July 8th. Footings and stem walls are being formed and underground electrical and mechanical systems are being installed in the center and south classroom wing. Underground sewer line work is currently underway in the existing main parking lot.
  • A ceremonial ground-breaking event was held at 4:30 p.m. Thursday, June 11, at the northwest corner of the track/stadium. The entire community was invited!
  • The demolition for phase one is complete and rough grading is approximately 90% complete. Brace frames are being formed and poured in numerous areas on the east and west side of the school site. The plumbing and electrical contractor has started underground utility installation near the new gymnasium building and the earthwork contractor has started storm water piping along the west side beginning at the old tennis courts working north.

May 2009

  • The gymnasium building is 70% demolished and cleanup is continuing. The northern half of the phase one building area is graded and brace-frame footings are being dug. The elevator cylinder shafts have been bored and the casing have been set. The new tennis court area has been graded, compacted recycled asphalt from the site has been used as the base, and it's now being used as a storage/staging area for the contractor.
  • The north 1/3 of the south campus is nearly graded and footing locations are being laid out for excavation. The theater and stage are not part of Phase One but the orchestra pit is being excavated for footings as the east side is developed. The new tennis courts are in the grading and compacting stages. Asphalt was ground on-site; some will be used as the tennis court base which will serve as a sound base for staging and storage. Stumps were removed from the new tennis courts and ground into hog fuel. Most of the hog fuel was used to create the community trail bypass that travels along the north and east edge of the softball field and south just east of the construction area. The trail can be accessed by way of the softball field parking area.

April 2009

  • In each building all hazardous materials were removed during off-school hours before the building could be demolished. Demolition started for phase one on the east side of the site at O and J buildings and continued west until all pre-1989 buildings were demolished except the gymnasium building. Most of the weight room, kitchen, auxiliary gym, and music rooms have been demolished and the contractor is working north towards the commons. The main and upper gym should be the last of the building to be demolished in phase one. This work is planned to begin 5/1/09. The building slabs and asphalt walkways removal has just started and is progressing across the site. The demolition appears to be on schedule.
    Tree removal for the new tennis courts will be complete this week and stump removal will start shortly after. This will become part of the staging area for the contractor and is greatly needed for a project this size. Temporary water service will be rerouted from the science building to take care of the north campus so the existing water line that travels through the south campus can be abandoned.
  • Cornerstone Construction has mobilized, fencing off the construction area and placing job site offices. Removal of hazardous materials has begun during spring vacation, weekends and after school hours. Work has begun to remove items to be saved for future reuse. Demolition has begun in the area of the tennis courts. Relocation of power to the stadium is underway to clear the area of new construction. Termination and relocation of power and other utility services in the demo area is also underway. Re-stripping of the main parking lot has been completed to facilitate vehicle circulation patterns. Installation of the new baseball scoreboard and left field fence is underway.

March 2009

  • The contract has been signed and the general contractor has started mobilization. He has moved in his job trailers, set up perimeter protection fence and started removing items for salvage to the owner. Removal of site fencing and site amenities that will not remain is nearly complete. Installation of the barrier wall between the north and south campus should start over the break upon structural approval. The demolition, electrical, and hazardous materials contractor are starting preparations for demolition. Electrical power will be disconnected from the south campus. This will cause disruption to the entire site at times during the break but have the most affect on the stadium. Hazardous materials removal will start in the east buildings and work west.
  • Bonds and insurance have arrived and the contract is expected to be signed on March 25, 2009. A school district, architect, and general contractor preconstruction meeting is scheduled for March 25th also. The contractor has been reviewing the site for disconnection of services as needed for demolition and is preparing to install construction safety fencing. Construction and staging areas are being located while providing safe access for students and staff to parking, busses, and the sport facilities. The contractor is working on a preliminary schedule for review by the architect and the owner. The City of Issaquah is working closely with the school district to have the permit available as soon as possible.
  • Issue Notice to Proceed (3/23/09).  The contractor can begin work. That will include getting setup, mobilization of staff and support facilities on-site, temporary utilities, safety and security facilities and fencing. Develop detailed overall project and short term 2-6 week work activity schedule. Abatement, hazardous material removal and selective demolition will be completed before whole building demolition will start.
  • The Food Services staff has created a new food serving line in the temporary Commons which is now in use by students. A final push was made to remove supplies and furnishings from the buildings that will be demolished. Cleanup of leftover garbage and debris occurs this week to reduce the chance of it being windblown during demolition. Cornerstone General Contractors is in the process of obtaining their bonds and insurance so a contract can be signed. It is expected the contract will be signed this week.
  • Issue Notice of Intent (3/12/09).  The contactor has 10 days to complete bonds, insurance, contract and other required paperwork.
  • At the March 11, 2009 Board Meeting, the Board approved that a Notice of Intent to Award Contract be sent to Cornerstone General Contractors, Inc. Food Service staff is moving this week from the existing Kitchen/Commons to the new temporary Commons.
  • Nine bids were received for the Issaquah High School Reconstruction project. The apparent low bidder is Cornerstone General Contractors, Inc., with a total lump sum base bid of $61,511,946. Complete bid results are provided on the attached IHS Bid Tabulation.

February 2009

  •  Nine general contractors remain as bidders at this time. The design team is responding to questions and substitution requests. Written answers are provided to all bidders to maintain equity. To accommodate potential changes along the street frontage, the bid date has been changed to March 3, 2009.
  • The bid process is in progress. Due to the large number of general contractors there has been an increase in requests for information or clarifications. To allow more time to answer all questions with precision and provide for a more complete bid package, the Bid Opening has been extended from February 12, 2009 to February 19, 2009.
  • City Council has approved the Master Site Plan and Site Development Permit. Processing of the building permit and public works permits continues.
  • The ramp to the "Upper Campus" is complete and open for use.

January 2009

  • The ramp to the "Upper Campus" is complete except for installation of handrails which should be completed 2/2/09. The ramp retaining wall has been installed; fencing around the ramp has started but the asphalt cannot be installed until the ground temperature remains above freezing and there is no precipitation.
  • The bid process is progressing with contractors requesting information/clarifications from the Architect. The Architect is compiling the questions and answers into an addenda and distributing it to the plan distribution centers and plan-holding contractors so all bidders receive the same information.
  • The Issaquah City Council will make a decision on the permits at its February 2 meeting.
  • The City of Issaquah's Development Commission has recommended approval of the Master Site Plan and Site Development Permit; the project will go before the City Council for final decision in early February.
  • The District released the project for public bid to hire a general contractor for the Issaquah High construction project on January 5, 2008. Bids are due February 12. The School Board will act quickly to secure its selection, and demolition work should begin in late February or early March.
  • The ramp to the "upper campus" is under construction. We need a break in the rain-expect about a two-week build process.