Bond Projects

Liberty High School Addition and Modernization Phase I

LHS-P2-Entry Ellipses
Phase I construction features a new and expanded Performing Arts Center including Black Box Theater, new music classrooms, and new science labs.

The Liberty design team began its work by outlining a campus master plan built on the question: What is the optimal placement of facilities for long-term use? The result was a master plan that required work beyond what had been proposed in the 2006 Bond. The master plan was split into a three-phased construction schedule. The first phase encompassed 2006 bond funding and focused on a new and expanded Performing Arts Center including Black Box Theater, new music classrooms, and new science labs. Phases two and three were designed to reorient the campus around a new commons area with reconfiguration of the office and counseling areas and included the addition of an auxiliary gym, a new Library, and new classroom wings. Phase two and three work was dependent on a future bond, which was approved by voters in February 2012.

Project Information
Original Project Estimate:
Project Budget:
Budget: $24,850,000
Funding source: 2006 Bond and Levy
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Bassetti Architects
Contractor: Bayley Construction
Estimated completion: December 2012
Liberty High
Address: 16655 SE 136th Street
Renton, Washington 98059
Principal: Sean Martin

April 2017

King County has given final approval for Phase I, II and III projects.

May 2014

  • Project accepted as Final, 4/23/14.
  • Bassetti Architect is finalizing the as-builts and Operations and Maintenance Manuals.

April 2014

  • Contractor punch list items complete.
  • Requesting Final Board Approval.

September 2013

  • Contractor working on punch list items, as-builds, operations and maintenance manuals.

August 2013

  • Contractor working on punch list items, as-builds, operations and maintenance manuals.

May 23, 2012

  • Mason has completed the erection of the east theater wall.  They are approximately 90 percent completed on the north wall. 
  • The grading for the tennis court is completed.  Asphalt begins on May 21st.
  • Placement of the roof trusses for the theater house will begin the week of May 21st.
  • Steel erectors have completed the installation of the two stairs from the stage to the catwalks.
  • Electricians have completed the installation of the emergency battery backup system. 
  • Roofing will begin over the music classroom wing the week of the 21st.
  • The interior partition for the music classrooms is approximately 90 percent completed.
  • Phase II walk through for contractors was held on May 14th.  At this time, there are five contractors interested in the project.
  • Coordination of Phase II move with staff is ongoing.
  • Preparation and coordination of summer work to ready the school for the start of Phase II continues . Start of conversion work begins the day after school is out.
  • Sewer work is scheduled to begin June 19th.

May 2013

  • Contractor working on punch list items, as-builds, and operations and maintenance manuals.

March 2013

  • The contractor is working on the punch list items.
  • Flooring is complete.
  • The heating system is operational and in use. Commissioning of the heating system is underway.

February 2013

  • The contractor is working on the punch list items.
  • Flooring is approximately 95 percent complete.
  • Commissioning of the heating system is underway.
  • Training for sound, lighting, drapes, rigging, mechanical and electrical systems are scheduled over the next several weeks.

January 2013

  • The contractor received Temporary Certificate of Occupancy on December 19th for all areas of the facility with the exception of the theater. 
  • The contractor is working on punch list items for the Black Box, Lobby and public restrooms. 
  • Architect is scheduled to do a punch list for the classrooms and ancillary spaces the week of January 7th
  • Flooring is scheduled to start January 7th.  
  • The heating system is operational and in use.  Commissioning of the heating system is underway.
  • Work is proceeding in the Theater. 
    • Electrical contractor is trimming out devices.
    •  Wood paneling is proceeding, they are approximately 90 percent completed. 
    • Theater lighting has been installed as well as the acoustical clouds.
    • Curtains and AV screen is scheduled to go in once the Stage floor has been painted.

November 2012

  • Hydro-seeding and mulching has been completed at the detention pond.
  • Mechanical contractor has completed installation of air ducts and hydronic loop lines. Start up for the boiler and AHU units is scheduled for the week of November 5th.
  • Painters are approximately 80 percent complete.
  • Casework has been installed in the Choral and Instrument rooms.
  • Stage rigging is complete. Electricians are pulling wire to the rigging for lights.
  • Erection of the entry window wall is complete. Contractor is installing doors.
  • Ceramic tile is complete in the make-up room restrooms and tiling has started in the main men’s and women’s restrooms.
  • HVAC and electrical work is approximately 95 percent compete in the black box. The area has been painted and the wood floor is being installed.
  • Roofing and flashing are completed.
  • Lighting in the Choral and Instrument rooms is installed and operational.
  • The staging scaffolding platform in the Theater has been removed.
  • Sheetrock contractor is working on taping and mudding the walls in the Theater.
  • Acoustical wall panels are being erected in the Theater; they are about 40 percent complete.

September 2012

  • South student parking lot is open and in use by students and community.
  • Placement of exterior metal siding is completed on the south walls.Work will proceed to the east wall starting the week of 9/10.
  • Roofing is completed above the Classroom, Stage and Theater areas. Roofers are currently working on roofing the Lobby area.
  • Electrical rough in is completed in the Music classrooms. Rough in, in the remaining areas, is about 75 percent completed.
  • Mechanical HVAC units have been placed in the Classrooms, Stage and Penthouse. Work has started on installation of the direct digital control system.
  • Framing in the facility is 90 percent complete. Sheetrock is approximately 40 percent completed.
  • The painters have applied the first coat of paint in the Music rooms. They have completed spraying the Stage and Theater ceiling.They have started spraying the interior Theater walls and are approximately 30 percent complete.
  • The earthwork contractor is final grading the Lobby area in preparation for the new concrete floor which is scheduled to be poured the week of 9/17/2012.

June 2012

  • Asphalt has been placed for the tennis court.
  • Masons have completed placement of concrete masonry units for the theater.
  • Steel trusses and metal deck for the stage and theater house have been installed. Catwalks for the stage and theater house are installed. Steel erectors are working on installing stairs and hand railing.
  • Roofers have begun laying roofing for the Music wing. They are approximately 70 percent complete.
  • Electrical contractor is continuing with placement of below slab conduits.
  • Mechanical has removed the existing boiler in preparation for structural work and new boilers and started to place new air ducts in the music wing.
  • The air and moisture barrier has been applied to the exterior walls of the Theater and Stage.
  • Interior stud walls for the Music wing is approximately 90 percent complete.
  • Contractor has started to place hollow metal door frames in Music room area.

May 7, 2012

  • Contractor has completed installation of the underground return ductwork .Area has been backfilled and wall footing poured to allow construction of structural masonry walls.
  • Masons are proceeding with placement of concrete masonry units for the east and north theater walls.  They are approx. 75 percent completed.  The electrical contractor is working in conjunction with the masons placing conduits.  Structural Steel erectors have completed placement of the metal roof deck over the music wing and the theater loft.  They are working on placement of the steel stairway leading from the stage to the catwalks.  Earthwork contractor has completed the removal of asphalt for the future tennis courts.  They are approx. 90 percent complete on rough grading this area.  General contractor is working on forming the east tennis court retaining wall.  They have complete erecting the west tennis court retaining wall.
  • Capital Projects is working closely with the Phase I contractor staff and the design team on coordination of work related to Phase II as well as sewer line extensions and the City of Renton lift station during the summer.
  • Phase II work is scheduled to go out to bid May 7th. We plan to have the Authorization of Notice of Intent to Award on the June 13th Board Meeting Agenda.

March 2012

  • Earthwork contractor is proceeding with excavation work for the tennis court footings.They are also working on placement of catch basins for the new storm water system.
  • Masons are continuing with placing concrete masonry units for the north theater wall and proscenium opening.
  • Electrical is working with the masons with conduit placement.They are also working on the installation of the new transformer and switchboard in the existing and new electrical rooms.
  • Steel erectors are proceeding with placement of steel columns and roof trusses for the music classroom area.
  • General contractor is forming footings and stem walls for the tennis court retaining walls.
  • Below grade waterproofing has started for the music wing.

February 2012

  • Water damage to portions of the underground HVAC ductwork has delayed work in those areas. The contractor has adjusted the areas of work to start masonry wall construction in unaffected areas. While not their preferred sequence of installation, starting the masonry walls in unaffected areas allow repair of the ductwork to occur concurrently with wall construction.

January 2012

  • Contractor has poured the concrete walls for the lower floor orchestra pit. Placement of slab on grade concrete floors has begun.
  • Earthwork contractor is proceeding with excavation for footing for the future Black Box and music rooms. Installation of footing drains around lower floor footing is underway.
  • Electrical has completed rough-in of conduits for the lower floor. They have erected the temporary power shelter and pulled feeders to two existing electrical panels. This will allow removal of the old transformer pad and vault.
  • Mechanical contractor has completed installation of the underground waste lines for the northeast restroom and the sump pump.
  • The fiberglass underground air duct is being installed. Before the full length of duct could be encased in CDF concrete, a dewatering pump failure and subsequent flooding allow the duct to float and partially fill with water.The broken duct will need to be replaced. The contractor is working with their insurance company to correct the work.

August 2011

  • Bids were opened on August 3 for Phase I of the Liberty High School Addition and Modernization project.  Four bids were received. An Authorization to issue a Notice of Intent to Award is on the board agenda for August 9, 2011.
  • †VECA is on schedule with the installation of the new primary service. Base bid work will be completed on August 5, 2011.
  • †PSE is scheduled for final power crossover on August 4th. This will require a full building power shutdown. Staff members were notified in advance. (Power crossover is now complete.)
  • †VECA is scheduled to be off-site by August 12.

June 2011

  • Phase I work is proceeding to complete bid documents for the new Performing Arts Center, new support facilities and site work, and utility relocation and storm drainage facilities for Phase 1 and Phase 2 work, including stormwater and detention facilities.

March 2011

  • Design team is completing bid documents.

Project Schedule:

  • Out to Bid: 4/25/11

  • Open Bids: 6/26/11

  • Board Meeting—Notice of Intent to Award: 6/8/11

  • Start Construction: 6/20/11

January 2011

  • Architect has submitted documents to the King County Building Department for permit.
  • Owner and Architect coordination meetings are continuing on a weekly basis.
  • Architect is now in the Construction Document phase of the project.
  • Construction is complete on the passage way between the current LRC room and adjacent classroom.

December 2010

  • Design Development Phase will be completed this week. Construction documents have begun. Owner is meeting with consultants on a weekly basis.
  • Meetings were held the latter part of October with Liberty staff to review details of program and space layout.
  • Pre-application review was received from King County staff on 10/28/10. Consultants and Owner meet with the Building Department to review the project and discuss any outstanding issues or concerns.
  • Architect is proceeding with the intent to submit for building permit this month.
No additional documents are available for this project.