Bond Projects

Maywood Middle School Addition & Modernization

MMS Entry 2013
The Maywood Modernization project included the addition of two science labs, four classrooms, an expanded and updated Commons, gym and cafeteria, and new basement space. The basement was recently finished and houses six more classrooms.

Maywood Middle School Modernization - The project included alterations to an existing 102,500 square foot middle school adding approximately 22,300 square feet with associated site work on the 20 acre campus. Work included reconfiguration of administrative area, science rooms and corridor upgrades, expansion of the main gym, enclosure of the covered play area for an auxiliary gym, expansion and modernization of the Commons, and addition of classrooms and science labs, work spaces and basement. Site work included relocation of bus parking and parent drop-off to separate circulation patterns,and completion of fire loop. The project was awarded to the M.J.Takisaki Company and was approved as Final by the Issaquah Board of Directors on July 10, 2013.

Maywood Middle School Building and Mechanical Upgrades After the completion of the Modernization project, additional building and mechanical upgrades were made in the summer of 2014. The Contract for this work was awarded to MBR LLC and included: demolition and replacement of exterior windows with related patch and repair of exterior wall and interior finishes; demolition and replacement of some exterior wall surfaces including cleaning, insulation, wood framing repair, stucco, metal siding, and GWB; refinishing of existing corridors, including wainscot, wall covering, lighting and ceilings; replacement of ceilings and lighting in restrooms and locker rooms; walk-in freezer replacement; and miscellaneous hardware and door changes.  The school was also connected to the City of Renton sewer system at Liberty High School.  Work was accepted as Final by the Issaquah School District Board of Directors on June 11, 2014.

Maywood Middle School Classroom Infill Project - Due to increased enrollment growth, the District remodeled the approximately 7,740 square foot basement into six additional classrooms. The project was awarded to Shreve Construction and performed in the summer of 2015. The contractor is currently working on punch list items.

Project Information
Original Project Estimate:
Project Budget:
Budget: $25,940,000
Funding source: 2006 Bond and Levy
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: M.J. Takisaki Company (Addition & Modernization)
Estimated completion: Building Occupied September 2012
Maywood Middle
Address: 14490 168th Avenue SE
Renton, Washington 98059
Principal: Crystal Weik

October 2015

Maywood MS Basement Infill Project

  • The classroom infill project is substantially complete and spaces are occupied.

August 2015

Maywood MS Basement Infill Project

  • Framing, drywall, sheetrock complete.
  • Flooring, wallcoverings and finish woodwork well underway.
  • Teachers scheduled to move in 8/25/2015.

May 2015

Maywood MS Basement Infill Project

  • Bids have been received and the project has been authorized to move forward
  • Construction layout began May 18th
  • Substantial Completion expected to be mid-August

December 2014

Maywood MS Basement Infill Project

  • Preliminary design is underway 

April-June 2014

Maywood MS Building and Mechanical Upgrades

  • Punch list complete.
  • Project close-out underway.

October 2013

Maywood MS Building and Mechanical Upgrades

  • Installation of HVAC units is complete. Commissioning of system is complete.
  • Exterior cladding complete.
  • Interior finish work complete.
  • Punch list work underway.

September 2013

Maywood MS Upgrades

  • Window installation is complete
  • Exterior cladding work nearly complete
  • Some interior finish millwork left to complete

Maywood MS Fire Alarm System Upgrades

  • Project complete and signed off by the King County Fire Marshal

Maywood MS Mechanical Upgrades

  • Installation of HVAC units is complete, and system is operational.  Commissioning of system is underway.  Project is on schedule.

August 2013

Maywood MS Building Upgrades

  • Installation of HVAC has occurred. Startup of all units is underway. Project is on schedule.

Maywood Middle School Fire Alarm System Upgrades

  • Upgrades as designed are nearing completion. Awaiting King County Fire Marshal issuance of permit.

Maywood Middle School Mechanical Upgrades

  • Replacement of HVAC units underway.

May 2013

Maywood MS Modernization

  • Project is complete

February 2013

  • Project is complete except for the softball field. The softball field was delayed due to weather and will be completed in the spring/summer.

November 2012

  • Project is substantially complete and staff has moved in. New softball field is expected to be complete near the end of November. Punch list and commissioning is underway.

September 2012

  • Two story classroom addition is complete except for punch list items.
  • Staff is moved in and very happy!
  • Cafeteria expansion is complete except for punch list items. The extra space is being utilized nicely.
  • The parking lots and the site are complete with the exception of the new softball field. Softball field is scheduled to be completed mid-October.

June 2012

  • Two story classroom addition rough-in electrical, plumbing and HVAC nearing completion. Drywall is underway.
  • Multipurpose room expansion framing nearing completion.
  • Parking lots, bus loops are functional and will be completed over summer 2012.
  • Exterior painting, re-roofing of the building proceeding.
  • Main gym demolition nearing completion.

May 2012

  • Gym expansion has started.Wall has been removed between the original gym and original aux gym.Demo has also started in areas needed to complete the new expanded gym.
  • Two story classroom addition rough-in electrical, plumbing and HVAC nearing completion.Drywall underway.
  • Landscaping, including irrigation, underway
  • Parking lots, bus loops are functional and will be completed over summer 2012.
  • Exterior painting, re-roofing of the building proceeding.

March 2012

  • Phase I: new Reception area, Administration area, Counseling offices, Aux gym, Stage expanded library, and new entrance are completed and in use.
  • The courtyard area concrete has been proven and is in use.
  • Parking lots, bus loops are functional and will be completed over summer 2012.
  • Exterior painting, re-roofing of the building proceeding nicely.
  • New classroom addition framing is 75% complete.

February 2012

  • New aux gym will be ready for use by 2/13/2012.
  • New stage area is substantially complete and construction separation wall has been removed to allow use of the full multipurpose room space.Work on the multipurpose room expansion can begin when the courtyard is ready for use approximately 2/13/2012.
  • New entrance lobby, admin/reception, counseling area and 6th grade wing interior corridor connection for lobby are planned to be ready for use March 1, 2012.
  • District staff and the architect have been concerned about the lack of progress on the new classroom and science lab addition.The contractor was asked for a new project or recovery schedule.M J Takisaki’s new schedule shows substantial completion August 2, 2012 which will allow for move-in and setup prior to the start of school.We believe that some of the scheduled activities can be moved up to achieve substantial completion at an earlier date or at least build some float back into the schedule. Staff and the architect will be monitoring the completion schedule, 6 week look ahead schedule, and weekly activities to maintain the pace of the work.

August 2011

  • Demolition of the existing Administration/Commons and Counseling Offices is complete and reconstruction of the Administration area, new entrance and Counseling offices is underway.
  • †Demolition of the parking lots, sidewalks, and courtyard is nearing completion and reconstruction of the new curb, gutter and sidewalks is underway.
  • †Shoring of the existing building at the new classroom addition has been completed to allow foundation work to proceed.
  • †Grading of new parking lots is underway and ATB paving is planned for 8/17/11.
  • †Painting of building is underway.
  • New Admin/Counseling areas have been expanded into the original rotunda; wall-framing nearly complete.

June 2011

  • The project permit was issued by King County DDES and project is underway.
  • †Additional portable classroom placement complete.
  • †Contractor mobilization and site investigation are underway.

April 2011

  • Project still under review with King County DDES.
  • †Project bid results received April 14, 2011.
  • †Project bids and alternate selection is underway.
  • †Additional portable classroom placement underway.

March 2011

  • Design team packaging bid documents.
  • Project Schedule:
    • Out to Bid: 3/16/11
    • Open Bids: 4/13/11
    • Board Meeting—Notice of Intent to Award: 4/20/11
    • Notice to Proceed: 4/29/11
    • Start Construction: 6/20/11
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