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Pine Lake Middle School Rebuild

PLMS Exterior
Originally built in 1974, Pine Lake Middle School will be completely reconstructed on site, providing a new learning environment with updated technology and energy efficient operations.
The District is using an alternative contracting method for the complex project of relocating and rebuilding Pine Lake Middle School - the General Contractor Construction Management (GC/CM) method. Different from a traditional bidding process, a general contracting firm is brought into the process very early on in the design phase of the multi-phase project. The district would benefit far earlier from the contractor's expertise in design, materials, and efficiencies which can translate into shortening the construction schedule and cost savings. Other benefits of the GC/CM approach include fewer potential construction conflicts and delays when one GC/CM firm manages and can more smoothly synchronize all phases of a project. Subcontract work is still competitively bid to assure costs are competitive and work is available to a large pool of subcontractors. In addition, the Mechanical and Electrical subcontractors became part of the team early in the process through the GC/CM and EC/CM process. GC/CM is a rigorous, competitive, and transparent process and well accepted in Washington State for school construction projects. The state Capital Projects Advisory Review Board has reviewed and approved the district's GC/CM proposal. 
Project Information
Original Project Estimate: $71,000,000
Project Budget: $71,000,000
Budget: $70,000,000
Explanation: $1,000,000 placed into contingency
Funding source: 2016 Bond
Project status: Under Construction
Architect: Mahlum Architects
Contractor: Cornerstone General Contractors (GC/CM)
Estimated completion: September 2018
Pine Lake Middle
Address: 3200 228th Avenue SE
Sammamish, Washington 98075
Principal: Michelle Caponigro
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October 2017

  • Structural steel complete.
  • Metal stud framing underway.
  • First layer of roofing to “weatherize” the building about 25% complete.
  • Storm retention vault nearing completion.
  • Slab on metal deck (SOMD) and slab on grade (SOG) being poured as weather permits.
  • Site around new structure “armored” with rock so work can continue more easily and efficiently during the rainy months.

September 2017

  • Main structural steel (approximately 700 tons) expected to be “topped-out” (finished being placed) by end of day Monday, September 11th.
  • Storm water retention vault precast lid sections being placed the week of 09/04/2017.
  • Slab on grade (SOG) and slab on metal deck (SOMD) concrete pours continue.
  • Roofing scheduled to be started in early October.

July/August 2017

  • Dirt work, under slab plumbing & electrical work, foundation work and building slab are well underway.
  • Sewer tie-in to the existing sewer line by the Satellite Transportation Center underway.
  • Contractor is preparing the site for the start of school with additional signage, striping, etc. to facilitate the interim parking, bus loading and pick-up/drop-off lane with contractor parking and staging areas.

June 2017

  • The City of Sammamish has issued the Building Permit. All work is proceeding.
  • Phase 1 portion of the site is completely cleared and haul-off of unsuitable soils is well underway.
  • Concrete for footings started last Friday June 2nd.

May 2017

  • The City of Sammamish has issued the Commercial Site Development Permit (CSDP) and it was picked-up Tuesday May 2nd.
  • Work clearing the site has begun.

April 2017

  • Contractor started mobilization over Spring Break and will continue.
  • The City of Sammamish notified us that the Commercial Site Development Permit (CSDP) will be ready for pick-up Tuesday May 2nd.
  • Preconstruction meeting with the City of Sammamish is being requested for Wednesday May 3rd. Work to begin immediately after City Inspector gives the green light.

March 2017

  • Received second round of CSDP comments from the City of Sammamish. Expecting to have responses back to the city March 10th.
  • Depending upon receipt of CSDP the Contractor is expecting to start site mobilization over Spring Break.

February 2017

  • Awaiting second round of comments from the City for the CSDP submittal.
  • Building Permit submittal package went into the City on Monday February 6, 2017.
  • Estimating and Value Engineering are continuing with General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Electrical Contractor and the Design Team.

January 2017

  • Design Development phase of the design process is complete.
  • First round of Commercial Site Development Permit (CSDP) received from the City of Sammamish has been turned around and resubmitted.
  • Estimating and Value Engineering processes are underway with General Contractor, Mechanical Contractor, Electrical Contractor and the Design Team.

November/December 2016

  • The Design Development phase of the project is well underway.
  • Commercial Site Development Permit (CSDP) Application has been submitted to the City of Sammamish. The design team and ISD are awaiting the first round of comments.
  • The GC/CM, MC/CM and EC/CM selection process is complete and subcontractors, Milne Electric and Diamond B Mechanical have been selected.

October 2016

  • The conceptual site plan is complete.
  • Schematic design for the interior of the building is in process.
  • Commercial Site Development Permit (CSDP) process with the City of Sammamish is well underway.

September 2016

  • The conceptual site plan and schematic design are in process and nearing completion
  • The project has been approved for the GC/CM process and a GC/CM Contractor has been chosen.
  • A follow-up meeting to the pre-application meeting with the City of Sammamish on September 14 and the CSDP process is moving forward.

August 2016

  • The conceptual site plan and schematic design are in process.
  • The project has been approved for the GC/CM process.
  • The GC/CM RFQ has been advertised and interest by several GC/CM Contractors has been shown.
  • A pre-application meeting with the City was held August 24th.