Bond Projects

Skyline High School Grandstand & Stadium Project

SHS Night Lights
The Skyline High School Grandstand and Stadium Project includes a new covered home-side grandstand for approximately 2,500 with press-boxes. Additional concessions and toilet rooms were constructed summer 2016.
Constructed new covered home-side seating for approximately 2,500 with new press-boxes on the west side of the field. Added concessions and toilet rooms; repaired and converted home-side bleachers to visitors seating.  Replaced field lighting with new LED lights.
Project Information
Original Project Estimate:
Project Budget:
Budget: $11,025,000
Funding source: 2012 Bond
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Bassetti Architects
Contractor: Outdoor Aluminum (Grandstands); Garco Construction (Stadium)
Estimated completion: Grandstands - March 2016; Stadium - September 2016
Skyline High
Address: 1122 228th Avenue SE
Sammamish, Washington 98075
Principal: Keith Hennig

September 2017

  • Project is complete and fields are being used.

July/August 2017

  • Turf replacement work is nearing substantial completion. G Max testing is scheduled for 8/10. If the field meets test requirements it will be available for use 8/14.

June 2017

  • Stadium buildings are complete with a few punch list items to finalize.

May 2017

  • Stadium buildings are complete with a few punch list items to finalize.

April 2017

  • New plaza in the area where the original concessions and toilet room building was located has been completed. New enclosure fencing is about 3 weeks out for delivery.
  • Stadium buildings are complete with a few punch list items to finalize.

March 2017

  • With the old concession/restroom portable removed, work began February 27th to complete the plaza between the visitor grandstand and the new field buildings. Work will be completed in April with the decorative metal fencing being extended between the old ticket booth and the new visitor team building.

February 2017

  • Project is in final punch-list phase.

January 2017

  • Work is continuing to complete project ”Close Out” in February.

November/December 2016

  • The project received final approval from Eastside Fire in November and a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy from the City, final approval is pending the final commissioning report.
  • The storage under the grandstands is complete and being utilized for storage of athletic and maintenance equipment.
  • Revised landscape drawings to preserve existing trees along 228th Ave. SE are being completed for submittal to the City.

October 2016

  • Stadium buildings are nearing completion with TCO anticipated early November; however, the new scoreboard will be completed by October 28th.
  • The grandstand enclosure projects is nearly finished.

September 2016

  • The grand stand project received final approval from the City of Sammamish in August.
  • Staff received training on the use of audio systems.
  • First home game is this Friday and the home side is now on the west side facing east.
  • The track resurfacing project was completed this summer.
  • Work on enclosing the area below both grandstands has been underway this summer and the remaining work includes doors and final painting, lighting inside the new grand stands, fire alarm work that will be completed with the new buildings.
  • The new team buildings are sided and being painted, roofing is underway, sheet rock is being installed.
  • Concrete plaza between the track and new buildings has been finished leaving only the ticket area and concrete on the street side to complete.
  • The new mega score board support frame and concrete block work has been completed.

August 2016


  • Occupancy permit for the grandstands has been issued.
  • East building framing is complete. Rough-in work nearly complete.
  • Exterior finish materials installation underway.
  • Metal siding at new grandstands complete, some trim left to be completed.
  • The new rubberized pad has been laid for the track and long jump areas.
  • New structural color spray coat for the track and long jump areas is complete.
  • Re-grooming of the football field to be complete by 8/26.
  • Striping scheduled to be completed by 8/29.
  • New buildings will be completed mid-October which corresponds to delivery & installation of the new scoreboard. Until then the existing concessions and toilet rooms will be available. Additional temporary toilet facilities will be provided in the interim.



June 2016


  • Remaining grandstand work includes, sprinklers in under-storage area and enclosure of exterior below seating area.

Stadium Buildings

  • Footings for East and West buildings are completed.
  • Floor slab for East building is being placed today, 6/22/16.

Track Resurfacing

  • Track Resurfacing is proceeding with start up after June 16th.


May 2016



  • Data wiring is complete.
  • Security camera installation is set for next month.
  • Fire sprinkler design is in for approval.

Stadium Buildings

  • Bids were opened Tuesday, April 26, 2016.  Bids were received from three general contractors.  Garco Construction has been awarded the project.
  • Bids received were close and very competitive with a difference of just 1.02% between the lowest and second lowest bid and a difference of just 1.03% between the lowest and third lowest bid.
  • Building permit has been issued by City.
  • The earthwork subcontractor has been working on underground utilities and demolition of existing site features to prepare the area for the new building construction.
  • Survey layout work and staking is underway.
  • Excavation for footings is set to begin May 23, 2016.
  • Electrical and mechanical contractors are installing underground work.
  • Material/product submittals and review are underway.

Track Resurfacing

  • Track Resurfacing is proceeding with start up after June 16th.

April 2016


  • Assembly of the grandstand is complete.
  • Electrical work is complete.
  • Audio work is complete.
  • Data wiring and security camera work is underway.
  • Fire sprinklers-to protect storage area under grandstand is being designed.
  • Exterior siding of new and old grandstands is underway.

Stadium Buildings

  • First public advertisement for bids appeared April 8th.
  • Bids are due April 26th.
  • Project includes approximately 10,000 sf of new space under one contiguous roof and ticket booth.
  • Buildings include home and visitor team rooms, officials facilities, coaches offices, concessions, public and private restrooms.
  • Site improvements include new concrete paving around buildings leading up to the new grandstands, landscape, permanent entry road improvements, service road.
  • Miscellaneous improvements will include a new electronic scoreboard supported by columns integral with the roof support structure at the end of the field.
  • Substantial completion date for the project is August 26, 2016.

March 2016

  • Stadium roof repair materials have arrived from manufacturer.
  • A/V wiring is underway.
  • Sprinkler system is being designed.
  • Shop drawings for exterior siding project are being submitted.
  • New shot put facility is nearly complete.
  • Stadium building drawings have been revised and are being prepared for bids.
  • DA Hogan will provide preliminary drawings for the stadium track resurfacing in about two weeks for review.

February 2016

  • Construction of the Grandstands is 95% complete.
  • Electrical equipment and conduits are complete, wire is being installed.
  • Storm drain work for future plaza and buildings is underway.

January 2016

  • Press boxes are in place on the Grandstand and the roof sheeting is being installed.
  • Electrical and audio work is progressing.
  • Process of enclosing both Grandstands will begin this winter.
  • Site demolition began in preparation for construction of the stadium support buildings in December and temporary modifications to the entry road and sidewalks have been completed, until final improvements can be made this summer.
  • The building permit for the support buildings has been delayed, but will be issued this month.

December 2015

  • Press boxes are in route and should arrive this week then be craned into place so roof structure can be completed.
  • Electrical and audio work will commence immediately following press box installation.
  • Concrete footing and stem wall is installed so structural steel, studs and siding to enclose the underside of the Grandstands can begin in January.
  • Site Development Permit was issued October 30th and site demolition began in preparation building the stadium support buildings.
  • Main entrance drive will be closed during the Holidays to perform realignment work and be opened by January 4th.Temporary paving will be placed until next summer when the road will be closed for construction and final paving prior to opening of school 2016.
  • The building permit for the support buildings will be issued by January 4th.

October 2015

  • The City of Sammamish issued an addendum to the home-side bleacher Building Permit to enclose the lower area for storage. So far, footings and stem wall have been completed and Capital Projects is awaiting pricing for the structural steel, siding, windows, doors and gutters that will be installed beginning early next year. The State of Washington finally issued permit drawings on October 22nd for the press boxes, the work was already underway and now the manufacturer can continue the work until they have to obtain electrical inspections for their work from the State.Once the press boxes are completed and shipped, they will be installed immediately and the roof will be installed.The storm water retention structure and storm drains are completed.Capital Projects intends to have the Grandstand portion of the project ready for use by the public by start of the spring sports season.
  • Drawings for the support building and surrounding improvements have been submitted to the City.It is anticipated that a permit will be issued in December; construction may start in early 2016.
  • Installation of new LED field lighting has been completed.

August/September 2015

  • The City of Sammamish issued a building permit to construct the new home-side Grandstands on June 12.  Land clearing began the next day, followed by grading, foundations, utility trenching and installation of electrical conduits and a new water line to provide fire protection for the Grandstand and future support buildings.
  • Foundations were completed August 5th, steel arrived August 6th and was installed the next day.
  • The Grandstand structure is expected to be completed by mid-September allowing the electrical and sound subcontractors until October to complete their work.
  • New field lighting is being installed concurrent with the construction of the Grandstands and will be completed the end of August.

May 2015

  • Notice of Determination by City will be advertised May 22nd starting a 21-day period ending June 12th.
  • City will issue building permit for (Phase I) Grandstands construction on June 12th and work will commence June 13th.
  • Work ahead of issuance of permit shall include construction of north and south access roads and removal of existing visitor bleachers.
  • Expected finish of Phase I (Grandstands approved for public use by the end of August) in time for the start of the fall sports season.
  • A separate building permit for other stadium improvements will be issued; Phase II work will begin in fall 2015 and will include paving below Grandstands and siding below seating for storage, construction of support building (horseshoe building), Spartan Way realignment, south pedestrian entrance, fencing and landscape, modifications to existing home-side Grandstands. The entire project (including Phase II) will be completed by August 2016.

December 2014

  • Major Site Development Permitting process underway.
  • Grandstand bid package has been advertised. Bids are due early January 2015.
  • Bid packages for site work, lighting upgrade and support building are underway. These packages will be coordinated with the Grandstand low bid proposal and then go out to bid in January.

August-October 2014

  • Major Site Development Permitting process underway.
  • Bid packages are underway for fall bids.
  • In accordance with Skyline High School preferences, construction work will start following the completion of fall sports and football games.

April-June 2014

  • Permitting process underway.
  • Bid packages underway for fall start of construction.

November 2012

  • After 4 meetings, no consensus has been made on whether the home-side stadium will be on the east or west side of the field.
  • At meeting 4, Skyline Gridiron Members propose Design-Build option stating impression that project can be designed and constructed in a 5-month time frame so that football season can continue without interruption.
  • At meeting 4, Skyline Gridiron presents a design for stadium that includes a full basement requiring an elevator which the District and school staff does not want included in the package and stated as early as the first meeting.
  • After meeting 4, District puts Bassetti on hold until more information is gathered on Design-Build option.
  • District has determined that Design Build is not the most appropriate alternative contracting method for the project.The District has submitted an application to use GC/CM to CPARB. Application presentation will be November 29, 2012.
  • Meeting scheduled November 7th at which time Steve will present GC/CM process and timeline and will review Design-Bid-Build options for Committee consideration.
  • Starting November 8, 2012, some Design-Bid-Build options could be completed prior to the 2013 football season.The GC/CM option requires time for the GC/CM selection process . Assuming approval to use GC/CM on November 29, 2012.The selection process would be completed in mid-March.Design work could restart at that time with the Hainline & Associates schedule showing substantial completion in mid-January 2013.That schedule requires a winter construction schedule that could add to construction costs.