Bond Projects

Sunny Hills Elementary School Rebuild

SH Front Entrance 2
Sunny Hills Elementary School now houses 32 classrooms, a new playfield, bus and circulation areas and new parking. The new building opened September 2016.
Construction of new 81,000 square foot elementary school with 32 classrooms and related site work to open September 2016.  Includes construction of playfield, bus and circulation areas and new parking.  Current school buildings will be demolished with exception of existing gym and 2 existing portables.
Project Information
Original Project Estimate:
Project Budget:
Budget: $35,500,000
Funding source: 2012 Bond
Project status: Final Acceptance
Architect: Cornerstone Architectural Group
Contractor: Cornerstone General Construction
Estimated completion: September 1, 2016
Sunny Hills Elementary
Address: 3200 Issaquah-Pine Lake Road SE
Sammamish, Washington 98075
Principal: Tim Baynes

June 2017

  • The project is complete with a few punch list items to finalize.

May 2017

  • The project is complete with a few punch list items to finalize.

April 2017

  • The project is nearing completion with a few punch list items to finish.
  • Final acceptance of Phase II water and sewer has been completed.

March 2017

  • The project is nearing final completion.
  • Final acceptance of Phase II water and sewer is anticipated to be completed by end of March.

February 2017

  • Final adjustments to HVAC system are being made.
  • Work is on schedule to be completed by end of February.

January 2017

  • Work is continuing to complete “Close Out” in February.

November/December 2016

  • The project has received all City and Eastside Fire approval and final approval from SPWSD on Phase 1.
  • The General Contractor is working on the latest punch list from the Architect and garden fencing is being completed.
  • HVAC issues are being addressed.
  • Final completion of project is expected by February 2017.

October 2016

  • Contractor is working on punch list items.
  • Playfield is nearing completion.
  • Landscape plants are being planted.

September 2016

  • City of Sammamish issue a Certificate of Occupancy on August 26th.
  • School opened on time and with all facilities functioning, including the classrooms, kitchen, gym, playground, bus loop, student drop-off and parking, etc. Only the sand playfield is left to complete.
  • Anticipated completion date for all work, including punch-list items is October 28th.

August 2016

  • Registration is occurring in the Administration area.
  • Furniture and teacher materials have been delivered to classrooms.
  • Staff have moved into offices. Teachers are setting up classrooms.
  • Library shelving, carts and books are in place.
  • Work continues in the Commons and Gym.
  • Kitchen/Servery has been approved for use.
  • Finish work continues throughout the building.
  • Curbs have been poured for the pick-up/drop-off and parking areas. Paving was installed 8/23.
  • Curbing for the deceleration/right turn lane into the school on Issaquah-Pine Lake Rd has been poured. Paving is scheduled to be complete 8/27.

June 2016

  • Exterior finishes are complete.
  • Exterior sunshades are installed and installation of interior light shelves is underway.
  • Classroom carpet is 80% complete.
  • Electrical, plumbing and mechanical rough in is complete and trim is being installed.
  • Ceiling grid and tile are 50% completed.
  • Wainscot, maple trim and cabinets are 50% complete.
  • Kitchen equipment is being installed with wall finishes and flooring to follow.
  • New building is on permanent power, water and sewer expected in July.
  • Demolition of old school has begun.
  • Retaining walls are underway.

May 2016

  • Siding is nearly complete.
  • Installation of storefront windows is nearly complete.
  • Carpet is being installed in classrooms.
  • Electrical, plumbing and mechanical work is widespread.
  • Wainscot and trim is being installed in hallways.
  • Wall covering continues.
  • Wall panels are being installed in restrooms and kitchen.
  • Cabinets and millwork continues.
  • Phase II site work has begun.

April 2016

  • Roofing is complete.
  • Exterior block is nearly complete.
  • Rain screen siding is underway.
  • Classroom windows are installed.
  • Storefront windows are being pre-assembled.
  • Exterior metal siding is nearly complete.
  • Classrooms are receiving sheetrock, paint, vinyl wall-covering, cabinets, ceiling grid, lights and fans.
  • Doors are being installed.
  • HVAC equipment is being installed, boilers, water-heaters, and piping is being installed in mechanical room.
  • Kitchen, Gym and Commons are being wired and inspected prior to sheetrock.
  • Permanent electrical power is being completed.
  • Phase II of site work will commence in May.

March 2016

  • Roofing is nearing completion.
  • Classrooms are receiving sheetrock and paint is being applied.
  • Underground electric service is being installed across the street.
  • Gym and Commons framing is being completed.

February 2016

  • Framing is complete.
  • Sheeting is being installed on Gym and Commons roof.
  • Classroom windows are installed.
  • Concrete block exterior is commencing.
  • Metal roofing is being installed.
  • Electrical, plumbing and mechanical work is on-going.
  • Insulation has begun in Classrooms.
  • Sheetrock will begin mid-month.

January 2016

  • Concrete is complete for the building.
  • Wood framing is complete except for the Gym and Commons roofing.
  • First layer of roofing will be installed by end of January.Some areas are weather tight.
  • Moisture barrier on exterior walls will be installed by end of January.
  • Windows are being installed in classrooms.
  • Concrete block will commence in two weeks.
  • Insulation and sheetrock will begin in classrooms by end of month.
  • Project is on schedule.
  • Furniture orders are nearly complete.

December 2015

  • Concrete is 90% complete.
  • Structural steel is 100% complete.
  • Wood framing is complete on South wing and nearing completion on West wing.
  • Framing is proceeding in music, stage, commons, gym and kitchen.
  • Plumbing and electrical are following framing.
  • Mechanical contractor is installing ducts and receiving equipment.
  • Storm sewer is installed and water service for Phase I is complete.
  • All weather surface rock is in place to prevent contaminated run off.
  • Exterior moisture barrier is being installed and first layer of roofing is about to begin.
  • Furniture order is nearing final form and almost ready to be placed.

October 2015

  • First floor concrete has been completed, steel erection in 90% complete and second floor classroom decks have been poured.
  • First floor framing is underway as is second floor classroom framing.
  • Above slab plumbing and electrical is being installed.
  • The East retention pond has been constructed and storm sewer is completed.
  • The temporary parking lot and student drop-off is functioning satisfactorily.
  • Staff in discussion on furnishings.

August 2015

  • The City of Sammamish issued the Site Development Permit on June 12th allowing land clearing and grading to begin.
  • Footings and stem walls are being poured.
  • Under slab plumbing and electrical is being installed.
  • The East retention pond has been constructed and storm sewer, water and sanitary sewer piping is getting started.
  • A temporary parking lot and student drop-off has been set up on the old sand playfield and the bus loop has been rerouted to separate buses auto and pedestrians.

May 2015

  • Bids were received from four General Contractors on May 14th.
  • Cornerstone General Contractors submitted the apparent low bid.
  • City of Sammamish is on schedule to issue the Site Development Permit on June 12th and the City has given permission to start work ahead of issuance of the permit for site fencing, erosion controls, survey work and demolition of the covered play shed.
  • Work on site could start as early as June 1st.

December 2014

  • Schematic Design site plan and floor plans were reviewed with the Sunny Hills Design Committee September 15, 2014. Some modifications will be made prior to the pre-application meeting with the City of Sammamish.