Current Administration Building Site

New middle school - Updated January 2019

Admin Front Entrance imageWe have found an ideal piece of property for the new middle school funded by the 2016 bond, and the seller is assuredly friendly—because it’s the Issaquah School District! In June 2017, the school board voted to demolish the current Administration Building and build the new middle school on the property instead. The land is located in the downtown Issaquah corridor, a good central location for potentially alleviating capacity issues at all Issaquah and Sammamish middle schools.  

The complexity in this land deal is twofold: First, the district has acquired an office building in Issaquah (5150 220th Ave. S.E.) for new administrative offices; this has required reallocating bond funds initially meant to purchase land for the new middle school. The proposed site for the new administrative office is ideally located centrally in the district, will need little work to convert compared to other properties, and will allow for the additional space needed to house staff. 

Second, the district will need to work closely with the City of Issaquah to design and permit a middle school campus that complies with the city’s new Compact Schools code amendments. The code amendments specify a smaller overall footprint and standards for impervious surfaces and tree preservation. 

UPDATE JANUARY 2019: Initially the District planned  to use the existing Administration Center property for a new middle school. As planning work began, discussions with the City of Issaquah indicated several infrastructure improvements would be required to build a middle school on the site.  The required improvements included: widening Holly Street and extending Holly Street westward over a new bridge crossing Issaquah Creek, widening Newport Avenue, and potentially adding a new traffic signal on Front Street. These extensive and very costly improvements caused the District to re-evaluate alternative site locations.

The District recently entered into a Purchase Agreement for the property at the base of Talus. This property was originally planned and approved for a 500,000 square foot office project. This purchase provides a site which accommodates attendance area needs, reduces traffic into the City core and will provide the District with an available site for future school capacity needs. Land suitable for schools is very scarce. Preserving the original Admin Center property will provide space for new construction needed to accommodate students from future residential projects planned for the Issaquah Core Area.

Planning and feasibility technical studies are well underway for a middle school at the Talus site with a planned September 2021 opening.