Special Education Programs

Continuum of Service Options

The Special Education program in the Issaquah School District serves students from birth through twenty-one years of age. Children birth through two years of age are served through contracts with community agencies. Instructional and support services are delivered by special education teachers, school psychologists, speech language pathologists, behavior specialists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, and paraprofessionals. In compliance with federal and state law, students with disabilities are served in the least restrictive environment to the maximum extent possible. All special education students at all district schools participate as appropriate in general education classrooms. Special education services include individualized specially-designed instruction in academic skills, adaptive skills (self help; self advocacy, community, independent living etc.), communication and language skills, motor skills, social skills, behavior and vocational skills. An Individualized Education Program (IEP) is developed at least annually for each special education student, and goals and objectives (where appropriate) are written based upon formal and informal testing and on-going quantitative data.

Support Services

Assistive Technology Specialist

Consults with teachers and classroom teams around selection, training and use of assistive technology devices students need to be successful in school.

Autism Specialist

Works with staff in the planning and implementation of programs for students on the autism spectrum or those who have similar learning or behavioral challenges.

Early Childhood Transition Specialist

Works with families and community birth to three agencies to transition students into our Early Childhood programs.

Behavior Specialists

Works with staff, students and families on behalf of students with challenging behaviors which interfere with student success.

Vision Specialist, Braillist and Orientation/Mobility Specialist

Works with visually impaired students at all levels.

Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP)

Works with students to improve deficient areas in communication skills.

School Psychologist

Coordinates assessment activities for students referred for Special Education services or in need of a three year reevaluation. They assess in all academic areas, cognitive, behavioral and social/adaptive skill areas.

Occupational Therapist (OT) and Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant (COTA)

Works with students to improve gross and fine motor skills.

Physical Therapist (PT)

Works with students to improve range of motion, gait and other gross motor skills.

Paraprofessional and Unique Needs Specialist

Works with school staff in the classroom and the community to provide instructional programs.

Instructional Specialist

Works with school staff to provide instructional support, curriculum and training.

Hearing Specialist

Works with school staff and students to provide instructional, hearing technology, and equipment support.

District Special Education Programs

Birth to Three

Infants and toddlers with disabilities are provided early intervention assistance through agencies such as Kindering and Encompass.

Early Childhood

Children, ages 3-5, with developmental delays in communication, cognition, social-emotional, adaptive, and motor skills areas receive specially-designed instruction at one of three schools in the district. This is a half day program (Location: Regional)

Extended Day

Children, ages 3-5, with a medical diagnosis on the autism spectrum or an educational disability category of autism, and a demonstrated need based on data for early intervention may be eligible to receive additional services that address the unique communication, social, and behavioral needs of this disability. (Location: Regional)

Learning Resource Center I (LRC I)

Students receive specially-designed instruction in academic, behavior, and social areas as indicated on their evaluation from the LRC I staff/classroom and/or related service therapists. (Location: Every building)

Learning Resource Center II (LRC II)

Students with moderate to severe disabilities receive specially designed instruction in all areas as indicated on their evaluations from the LRC II staff/classroom and/or related services. Opportunities for participation in the general education class will occur as designated in the IEP. (Location: Regional)

Issaquah Skills Enhancement Program (ISEP)

Students with emotional and behavioral disabilities receive specially-designed instruction in a self contained setting. (Location: Regional)

Academy for Community Transition

Students, ages 18-21, with significant disabilities receive on-going specially-designed instruction in the areas of community living and work training (Location: Downtown)

Home Instruction/Tutoring

Students, ages 3-21, receive specially-designed instruction at home due to medical, physical, emotional, or behavioral needs or students who have been suspended or expelled from their school receive specially-designed instruction as per their IEP team

Outside Agencies

Students, ages 3-21, receive specially-designed instruction in a setting outside of the District if the District is unable to provide an appropriate program to meet the student's needs.