2020 Covid Closure & Grading

Important Note about the 2020 COVID Closure and Grading

During the closure of public schools mandated by our Governor in March of 2020 and given the grading parameters set forth at that time by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Chris Reykdal, the Issaquah School District made the decision to offer students letter grades—A, B, C and D—or an incomplete.  (OSPI did not allow Fs or NC grades.)  All students enrolled in high school level courses in the ISD at that time received the letter grade they earned at the time of the closure or higher based on their continued participation in their courses or they earned an incomplete and were given the opportunity to replace that incomplete with a letter grade.  The opportunities included retaking the class, summer school, credit recovery courses and more.  Class of 2020 students on track to graduate at the time of the closure may have been eligible to have a core graduation requirement waived with a V code and the ISD followed the State Board of Education’s rules when applying those V codes to eligible seniors’ transcripts.  A V grade on the transcript indicates that the graduation requirement was waived in accordance with the State Board of Education emergency rules which expired on July 31, 2020.