June 4 - Meeting Information

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June 4, 2018 - High School Scheduling Committee



Ron's Welcome


Former Iterations of High School Scheduling Committee’s

  • Past ISD conversations (Josh and other Committee Members)
  • Nearby district high school scheduling conversations (Donna)
  • Impact of new resources (2018 Levy dollars) and how this committee is different

Voting Norms

  • Successful models from recent ISD Committee Work (Josh)

Group Norms

  • Successful models from current ISD groups (Donna)

Review of Charter (Josh and Donna)

Technical Team Duties and facilitator Information

Plans to Gather Student and Community Feedback

  • Sample student/community surveys (Donna)
  • Community forums (Josh)

September Meeting

  • What should we be collecting?
  • What types of schedules? Costs attributed with each? 
  • Agenda?

Adjourn (6 PM hard stop)

Meeting Minutes

Welcome - Charter meeting

Purpose -

To support the district Mission and Ends for students as established by the ISD School Board and to advise the Superintendent as he prepares a recommendation to the School Board for a new high school schedule beginning in the 2019-20 school year.

Goals -

Recommend to the Superintendent a common schedule for all comprehensive high schools in the ISD that provides students with appropriate opportunities for enrichment, explorations, acceleration and remediation. The schedule must also address meeting the new minimum Washington State Core 24 graduation requirements.


Josh Almy, Donna Hood, Martin Turney, Andrea McCormick, Sean Martin, Alicia Mitchell, Jen Martinson, Henry Level, Ami Williams, Mark Buchli, Stacy Heller, Mitzi Widdows and Shawna Borichewski

Ron's Welcome

  • Committee will create a high school common schedule longer than 6 periods without concerns of cost neutrality
  • Funding for the new HS schedule is from the levy that was passed in February 2018
  • All meetings are open for the public to attend
  • Discussed looking at nearby school districts as they also look at implementing new HS schedules
  • Committee will have an outside facilitator beginning at the September 24th

Former Iterations of High School Scheduling Committee’s

  • Discussed past ISD conversations
  • Fall of 2011- Josh chaired a committee- no changes were made because there were no recommendations that were cost neutral
  • Other resources to be available in the fall of 2018 because of the successful levy- counselors for student interventions and mental health, additional counselors at all levels, PBSES and a common high school schedule
  • LWSD, MISD and BSD- all moving to schedules longer than 6 periods, each will look little different
  • Examples of 7+ period schedules are in Google images

Voting Norms

  • ISD HSSC will have 10 voting members
  • Voting quorum will be 80%
  • 7 votes needed to pass
  • Community forums will be open to all 3 high schools to gather student, staff and community input
  • Voting will be by closed ballot

Group Norms

  • All 10 Voting members chose the Garmston and Wellman Seven Norms of Collaboration

Review of Charter

  • Goal is to have the final HSSC meeting before the November 21st Board Meeting, the common schedule would ready the 2019-20 school year
  • Time is needed to prepare course guides, registration materials and possibly hiring additional staff
  • Only the ISD School Board may set new graduation rates
  • Josh and Donna will write the report for the Board after a final recommendation is voted on by the committee
  • Meeting minutes will be on the ISD website
  • The new common schedule must fall within reason and without substantially altering the current bell times
  • Not to exceed current high school classroom teachers student caseloads
  • Discussion on consistency of student contact time and classroom teacher prep time
  • Will need to clarify class size vs caseloads
  • Maximize student contact time and meet the 1080 BEA hours requirement per school year.
  • ISD high schools will be able to increase the ability to share staff when all 3 comprehensive high schools are on the same common schedule. This will be especially helpful in specialized programs like world language, music and other specialized programs.
  • A common schedule is good for Running Start and WANIC, provides continuity amongst students who can access different programs at different buildings
  • Current high school space must be able house the updated 7 or 8 period schedule

Technical Team Duties and Facilitator Information

  • Facilitator: Ruth Moen- Executive Director in Snoqualmie School District, will be the HSSC facilitator starting at the September 24th meeting
  • Technical Team: Josh Almy, Deputy Superintendent, Donna Hood, SHS Principal and incoming Executive Director of High School Education and Martin Turney, Executive Director of Finance and Support Services.

Plans to Gather Student, Staff and Community Feedback

  • Survey students and parents (including current 8th grade parents), discussion of when to administer the survey and bring the date to the Sept. 24th meeting
  • Additional pocket of time can be added to a 7 or 8 period schedule: Power Hour, Advisory, Social and Emotional Learning(SEL), Academic Support, nuts and bolts/surveys/ assemblies
  • What school does your student attend?
  • Provide a link to WANIC(Washington Network for Innovative Careers)
  • Pursue interest thru electives
  • Add information to communicate the bell schedule will not be changing
  • Core 24 link
  • Update the survey and let the parents in the group look at it, send it out for feedback from the group with a deadline (next week or by the end of the school year.)
  • Provide links about schedule changes for parents to read up on and what research is out there
  • Additional staff to also include in the survey: food service, janitors and transportation
  • Send questions to Donna
  • Opportunity for parents to voice their opinions: 2 nights open to all of our ISD community in mid-September

September Meeting

  • Agenda items
  • Minutes to approve or amend
  • Current 8th-11th graders to take the survey
  • Review the norms
  • Start reviewing schedules options and costs attributed with each one

Adjourn 6:03 p.m.