October 15 Community input meeting summary

High School Schedule Committee Community Input Meeting
October 15, 2018, 6:30 -8:00 pm
Admin Building Board Rooms

Summary of Community Input

Question 1:  What do you like or not about your current schedule?

  • Frequent contact and regularity of the school day in 6 period day – focused learning
  • 8 period schedule leaves more opportunities for electives and to pursue areas of interest throughout high school: support classes, choir, increased extracurricular time
  • Difficult to fit graduation requirements into a 6 period day and pursue Music and PE
  • 8 period schedule allow students to pursue their interest deeply
  • 8 period schedule is college preparatory and mimics a college class
  • Longer instructional periods are better and allow for greater conversation especially in rigorous classes, more opportunities to clarify information and less overall stress
  • Fewer transitions in an 8 period schedule, but is there greater workload with 8 classes
  • Students learn to manage time and self-advocate on 8 period schedule because they need to initiate contact w teachers to get support.
  • Block schedule better supports a range of learners, builds better relationships with teachers
  • 6 period day does not proved much wiggle room with Core 24
  • Some students may struggle in a longer class period
  • 7 period day would result in more homework and transitions for students

Question 2: What is your top priority for an ideal schedule?

  • Balance between challenge, down time and social time
  • Opportunities for electives and flexibility (choice), don’t know where passion is until you can explore
  • It’s important to have the right tempo to the day
  • Support social emotional health of students to decrease stress and anxiety around academics
  • The ideal schedule should support all students regardless of their needs
  • Time for homework, flexibility of electives
  • Holistic learners
  • Opportunity to dive deeply into curriculum
  • There may not be one size that fits all learners in the district
  • Keep to a simple schedule with consistency.If there is flextime, it needs to be structured.
  • Keep guided studies
  • Be mindful of the impacts of changing the schedule on students already in our system
  • Contact time with teachers
  • Retain LHS schedule and its benefits

Question 3:  If you want flex time built into a schedule, what would you want it used for?

  • Academic support, make up quizzes/tests, make up assessments
  • See counselor
  • Social emotional learning
  • Decompress, a social breather
  • Does flex time decrease time/access and opportunities – Is it worth it?
  • It must be structured and have value
  • Less structure
  • Teachers choose modules offered, kids choose where to go – make it useful – college app, personal finance etc, catch up w a friend...
  • Add it to a lunch period
  • 30 minutes/day up to 4 days /week, students self-manage and SEL
  • Scheduling at end of day reduces the amount of class time athletes miss
  • It can be daily or not
  • Senior Waiver and guided studies should be kept
  • How much flex time is enough
  • Current LHS block schedule w guided studies serves the same purpose as flex
  • Too little flex time will not be a benefit